My Life of Crime


I heard an amazing remix of The Psychedelic Furs song Heartbeat which I call My Life of Crime. I first heard it on the radio probably in the late 80s or early 90s. I knew the song Heartbeat by The Psychedelic Furs but this sounded like a different song. I only heard the song once but I kept thinking about it.  I bought The Psychedelic Furs greatest hits on CD. It had the song Heartbeat but it wasn’t the same song.  Time went by and I sort of forgot about it until the Internet age. One day I Googled “My Life of Crime by The Psychedelic Furs” and I found the remix. It’s available on YouTube Music you can listen to it for free if you subscribe. There are other mixes of Heartbeat that came later so it’s hard to find the correct one. The best remix of Heartbeat is the one called New York Mix 1984. It’s so different that actually counts as an entirely separate song and not a remix. Because rather than just remix the song they added a whole other beat to it. The lyrics remained the same but the song has a completely different feel from the traditional tracks on The Psychedelic Furs greatest hits album. Renaming the song My Life of Crime is based on the beginning and the end of the song where there’s and overdubbed processed voice taking the “my life of crime” lyric and turning it into something so long that it could be a chorus. It comes at the beginning and right at the end of the song so you’ll know that you’re listening to the right version. I still don’t know who is responsible for such a brilliant song which is one of my favorite songs of all time. It felt so good to be reunited with this song from the past that had previously been unavailable to me. I’m going to assume by the title “New York” it was produced in New York and that it had something to do with the end of the Disco Scene.  I would consider this to be Neo Disco music. It’s New Wave but yet definitely Disco. The Psychedelic Furs biggest hit is Love My Way which strikes me as a somewhat traditional New Wave Pop Song and it reminds me of Reap The Wild Wind by Ultravox. Both of these are good songs but neither can hold a candle to My Life of Crime.

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