Geraldine Largay Conspiracy


I read a review a one star review Amazon of the book “When You Find My Body: The Disappearance of Geraldine Largay on the Appalachian Trail” which suggested that she actually wanted to commit suicide in a way that it wouldn’t look like suicide and that her husband was an accomplice. It seems like a farfetched idea but based on what the reviewer wrote it absolutely makes sense to me. I may be wrong about this, but I understand she had only hiked two miles off the trail and then hidden her tent under a tree where nobody would see it when they did an air search for her. The information also said that she had been walking approximately 30 miles a day and the very day that she got lost she was planning to walk 30 miles. Normally when you leave the trail to use the restroom you are supposed to leave your pack on the trail in case something happens to you. Why would she take her pack with her? If she left her pack on the trail the next person who came along the trail would see her pack and he would have been able to look in there find her information and call her family or call her husband or call 911 when they got back to an area of cell signal.

The husband was tricked, or he was convinced that she had been seen in a completely different area but why would the husband just go for what some stranger said? Whenever somebody disappears there’s usually hundreds of sightings. People want to help so they are looking around. They may remember that they saw someone, and they hope that it is the missing person because most people would like to be hero and find a missing person.

However, there is some evidence that might weigh in the favor of her just being lost because my mother suffered from short term memory loss before she died. If Geraldine Largay was beginning to suffer from short term memory loss it would be very easy for her to get lost even in familiar places. Normally if you would step off the trail you would look for some landmarks like you might think to yourself there is a rock and there’s a tree. I’m going this way and when I’m coming back, I will see the same rock and the same tree. If she had short term memory loss, she would not have been able to remember those landmarks even if she had made a mental note of them and if she was distracted and didn’t even make a mental note of them then there’s no way that she would have remembered them. Since she was only two miles from the trail the logical thing would have been to start out in one particular direction walk for two miles then turn back then go in another direction walk for two miles and then turn back until she had tried all four directions. The trail would have to be somewhere within two miles and it’s only two miles to go all four directions would only be eight miles and she would have known that she was approximately two miles off the trail based on how far she had walked on the first day. But if she had short term memory loss she wouldn’t have been able to form that plan, maybe not even able to carry it out. It would be absolutely imperative that she not be left alone to hike by herself. All she needed was a satellite phone or a rescue beacon. I know that satellite phones are expensive but it’s better than dying. There’s nothing that’s too expensive if it’s going to save your life. I don’t know why it’s not mandatory to carry a satellite phone or a rescue beacon when one hikes the AT trail. It costs the government a lot of money to search for people, especially for people who don’t have to be lost. If my mother had been lost on the AT trail, I would have moved heaven and earth to find her. I would have hiked there every day in all four directions from the last place she was known to be. I wouldn’t trust any sightings of her.

I did not read the book “When You Find My Body: The Disappearance of Geraldine Largay on the Appalachian Trail” and this is not a book review. I thought the book sounded interesting but it was too expensive on Kindle. Also Amazon did not provide an option to get the audio book in this particular case along with the Kindle book which might have moved me to spend the money. If I could have added Audible Narration to the book for an extra fee I would have because the narrator had a good voice. I believe the book is only 208 pages long. I can’t see why anyone would pay almost $20 for a Kindle Edition of such a short book.

I got most of my information about the Disappearance from YouTube videos from different channels that cover hiking on the AT trail and also disappearances of people because I was looking for information on trying to save or find Julian Sands who is missing right now on Mount Baldy in Los Angeles. I kept thinking to myself if Julian Sands was ever saved we need to start a Go Fund Me to get him a rescue beacon or a satellite phone. I just don’t understand why anyone goes missing these days when a small amount of money compared to your entire life is definitely worth it. People should not go hiking where there’s no cell service without a satellite phone or a rescue beacon and I would certainly never do any hike without a rescue beacon or a satellite phone in my possession. Even if one is completely confident that they could never get lost it’s always possible that one may break a leg or be attacked by an animal and then not be able to get back to the trail to get help for themselves and end up dying.

Finally, when I read that they had used dogs to try and find her if she was in a tent only two miles off the trail, I thought how could a tracking dog fail to find her? It rained and that’s what the weather report had said. The rain was when she chose to disappear because that would help to wash away the scent and tracks. She didn’t want to be found and very cleverly pitched her tent in a hidden location. If she wanted to be found she would have put the tent somewhere where it could be seen from the air. The entire time she never attempted to make a phone call to call 911. She only sent texts, but some phones can call 911 even when they’re out of range. That’s when I began to wonder if she had actually forgotten how to make a phone call due to early onset dementia. These things can definitely happen to people with short term memory loss. The process of turning on a computer or even punching in the digits becomes too complicated for them. But in order for that to happen she probably would have had to been in a very advanced state of dementia. I just don’t think that she was that advanced. I think she deliberately did not try and call 911 because she didn’t want to be saved. She had an entire month to call 911 and she never even called once.

Maybe it was just a terrible accident but maybe it was a deliberate disappearance? It’s certainly much cheaper to starve to death in the wilderness than to fly to Switzerland to visit that Exit Hotel. This could have been a very creative way to commit suicide. I just don’t understand why her husband would go along with the plan. How could he live with himself? I am not anti-suicide if somebody is really determined and if they have a terminal illness, but I do believe that suicide is not a preferable way to die and will lead to some kind of bad karma in the afterlife. It is an extremely sad story no matter if was a real or a faked disappearance.

There’s just too many questions that have to be answered before I can really make a determination. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy but it’s actually possible that it may be a conspiracy. If you have found some evidence or you know something about the case please leave a comment.

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