Orange Juice with Vitamin C from The Florida Sunshine Tree

The Florida Sunshine Tree Commercial

November 17, 2022

I love commercials from the 70s. At the time I did not appreciate them fully because many of them are terrible, but some of them had very catchy music. I found myself singing “The Florida Sunshine Tree Commercial Orange Juice Song”, so I thought I would look it up on You Tube. It said the singer was Anita Bryant. I was like “What?! The anti-gay activist?” Maybe it was another Anita Bryant? But she was the same one. I thought I knew so much about the 70s but this one completely went over my head. I had no idea she was the Florida Sunshine Tree Lady. She had a beautiful voice. Orange Juice with vitamin C from The Florida Sunshine Tree 1972 You Tube Video Link.

I looked up her Wikipedia entry and it turned out that her first husband Bob Green was the one who got her into being anti-gay. She divorced him and married someone better. Her first husband died in 2012 and her second husband tried to get her music career going again which had been ruined by the controversy. I am not saying she was not responsible (in some way she is too blame) but her late husband Tom Green continued in his anti-gay activities, and she tried to say we need understanding. It is really sad, that someone I loved in the 70s should have come to this. I just wanted to say how much I loved that song. Please leave a comment if you feel she is too blame or it’s time to forgive and forget.

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