Tumblr Death Moon Youtube


I just watched this you tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esUriEoFfUc

from Moon which is a channel that often proclaims the death of websites. Moon even has one that says You Tube itself will die and disappear, but I don’t believe that is possible. I use Youtube often and I pay for it to be ad free because it gives me videos that follow my interests. But after watching this video, I think I should delete my Tumblr Blog.

I had heard Tumblr was now part of WordPress and it makes having Tumblr redundant or me. I am not a fan of WordPress after they tried to mess with me by sending email with misinformation designed to make me pay for a domain name when I had already had done that. WordPress is I believe owned by Verizon which although I use them as a cell phone company there is no end to the little tricks and scams they pull to part me with even more of my money.

However, when I learned about the convention in which Tumblr Fans were cheated out of money by the convention organizers themselves. I really thought this is awful. I never even knew about this fake scam convention. These things errode the trust that fans have in each other. It hurts people who are honesty trying to have conventions and form meaningful connection with other fans.

I decided not to delete my Tumblr Blog at this time due to the difficulty in leaving a site. Sometimes each post has to be deleted one by one. It’s too much work to delete a blog. I am sure no one looks at my Tumblr Blog anyway, but I have this on my to do list in the future.

As a disclaimer the convention was organized by Tumblr Fans not Tumblr itself.

I am so sick of giant evil corporations trying to scam people out of money with subscriptions that slowly drain your finances by small monthly fees that people do not even notice until one looks at how much one spends on monthly subscription for services one does not even use, want or remember they even have on their credit cards. Now Tumblr wants $4.99 per month for ad free. Just like WordPress, you create the content, you work to promote it yourself, you pay them for it and they make the money, while you make no money and even lose money. Revolution comes by voting with your wallet.

One thought on “Tumblr Death Moon Youtube

  1. It’s understandable that you are hesitant to delete your tumbler blog, especially given the effort it would take to delete each post individually. It’s also important to note that the convention scam you mentioned was organized by fans, not Tumblr itself. Regarding Moon’s proclamation that YouTube will die and disappear, it’s difficult to predict the future of any platform with certainty. However, given YouTube’s current popularity and widespread use, it’s unlikely that it will disappear completely anytime soon.
    It’s also important to be cautious of scams and misinformation, whether it’s related to domain names or conventions. Doing research and staying informed can help protect against these types of situations.

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