Email from WordPress

Today 9/1/2022 I got an email which I am reposting. It appears to claim that my blog does not have a custom address. Here is the email:

Hi there,

If you’re in search of ideas for growing your brand and driving more traffic to your site, I’m here today with a tip that has helped hundreds of thousands of site owners do just that.

You see, your site address (we call it a “domain name”) is the first thing visitors notice about your brand. And right now, your website address is That’s perfectly fine if you’re building this site for fun.

But if you’re building something more than a hobby site, I encourage you to claim a site address that doesn’t include “”. Here are a few options we would suggest for your site:

With one of these addresses, you can make a more unique, lasting impression on your visitors and possibly rank higher in search results.

And the best thing is, because you already have a plan, you can claim a new site address right now, entirely free of charge for one year.

Click below to secure the address of your choice.

Anne F.,

End Email

Notes: if I go to it redirects here to When I look up my domain it says its a taken domain. I am posting this to help someone else or to get help, if someone else got the same email they may be searching for answers. I googled Anne F. to see if I could contact her for an explanation, but it came up as Anne Frank. Is this a joke, I said to myself, maybe its a scam email? It looks like it came from WordPress, but Anne Frank? Who would use that as a name online if not to make a point? I feel like throwing up.

Updated: I still do not have a reply or an answer, but I going to guess this is a bulk email for people who do not own a domain yet and they sent to me by accident or maybe not by accident? If I had clicked on new domain would they have signed me up for two websites or leaving my good dot com name open to other people? They want me to change to a poor name example org, net, or dot blog, no one will ever find or see that. Dot com are the best domain names you can get. I want mine locked in so they can’t take it away from me.

Updated: My domain is at Wildwestdomains it was never with wordpress. I spend hours on the phone with wild west domains and I can not log into wildwestdomains like they ask me to do so. I do not have a login with wildwestdomains. I think I have renewed in advance however after they removed the so called free for one year. There is a free for one year option, but if I take that it will only work with a new domain. In short I believe they are trying to steal my good dot com website and replace with a lower website name such as a .org .net It would only be free for one year and after that it would cost $18 dollars. I pay $48 dollars to them a year so why would be so cheap as to need to save $18? But at least I now know I am with wildwestdomains and I know my customer number. I had a similar issue before with this blog. I even posted a few years ago, that I had problems possibly losing my website. I don’t actually know if I am still with wildwestdomains or if I am with wordpress now, but it’s too difficult to figure it out.

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