Progress Report Land Restoration

8/6/2022 updated below for 2023

We have chopped down two invasive trees that were growing too close to an Elm Tree that we wanted to save. The two trees were a Honey Locust and a Red Cedar. As you may have seen from my videos Red Cedars are ok trees but they very invasive. We will be keeping a number of the Red Cedars and Honey Locusts, but these were too close to the American Elm. Red Cedars kill other trees by growing very close to them and crowding them out with many far reaching branches that block all the sunlight. Here is the photo of the saved Elm.

Elm Tree after removal of junk trees Summer 2022

Updated 2023 Spring Planning begins

Updates on Land Restoration Project to help animals and the environment

Here is a early spring 2023 look at the branches that needed to be cleared away. The Elm Tree is out of leaf right now. The giant pipe was some of the trash on the land that we are still trying to get cleared away. New plans include planting new trees soon that will help animals, insects and the environment. We want a Walnut, Paw Paw, Hazelnut just to start with and more will be added after that. We found a Pecan tree and we helped it by removing vines and smaller plants.

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