Malibu P.J.

July 15 2020

At last Malibu P.J. has been made into a Repo Doll. Malibu P.J. was my favorite doll for many years. I got a few of them, but they seemed to have lost their sparkle due to age. The colors on the face faded and the legs broke off at the hip. I liked the versions Malibu P.J of with a lot of dark black eyeliner. There were in fact several years of Malibu P J with slightly facial paint variations. There is new gift set from Mattel which includes Malibu P.J., Barbie, and Christy. I was thinking about buying it. I only want Malibu P.J. But since I have seen Malibu Anges which also is coming this year as a Basic Agnes. For the same price I would rather buy Malibu Sky Anges by Integrity. There is a chance for the general public to buy her if some of the members of Club W pass on her. When I compare the two dolls I find my taste has changed and Malibu Agnes is much more appealing. It seems to be no coincidence that Integrity timed the release of Malibu Agnes to coincide with the release of Rep Malibu P. J. I wonder why they did not instead create Malibu Poppy Parker?

Updated: 10/14/2021 I decided to go with Malibu PJ instead of Malibu Agnes because I found a reseller who sold me Malibu PJ outside of the boxed set. Malibu Agnes is not selling for less then $180 on the aftermarket. Malibu Agnes has too many joints wear a swim suit. Malibu Agnes also has an issue with eye shadow high lighter below her eyes. When I saw real life photos of Malibu Agnes (that people posted) (instead of the official photos) I noticed the under white eye shadow. I don’t like the style, but some people on Facebook like the it. We had a discussion on the topic in a group for Integrity Dolls. I am taking Malibu PJ on a trip, but not to Malibu to Miami Beach.

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