Buttercup Ivy

May 22 2021

Buttercup Ivy is difficult to grow. I am able to get it going in a small pot house plant size, but when I try to transplant to the garden it does not take. I transplanted one of buttercup ivy plants outside in the spring of 2021, but it began to die. I dug it up and brought it back in the house and it recovered. It’s an attractive plant. The new leaves start out yellow but then turn light green and then later to dark green. As a houseplant I bring it outside and place it in the shade when the temps are in between 60 and 80 degrees. I think it has an issue with cold weather. Its very slow growing and it does not like cold below 40 degrees. I think it may die if it sees 40 F so that makes this plant hard to find online for sale. Even Glasshouse Works where I got the plant is now sold out of it. Most people think of English Ivy as a very hard plant to kill, and they don’t think of the smaller ivy hybrids as being different. Hedera helix can survive to 9 degrees below zero, and I am in growing zone 9A. I do have some types of small ivy hybrids growing outside, but not Buttercup Ivy.

Buttercup Ivy in two pots growing

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