Herman Pecker Dolls

Herman Pecker Dolls

February 6, 2021

Many people claim their Dime Store dolls are Herman Pecker are from the 60’s and 70’s but since the dolls are unmarked, only the tag will prove if the doll is Herman Pecker. But the tag can be placed on any doll. This makes it impossible to tell if the any doll is really Herman Pecker. I have seen many different looks on Herman Pecker dolls which makes a style impossible to learn. If all Herman Pecker had a certain look I could learn to pick out which dolls had that style. The moral of the story is always trademark your dolls. The dolls are made in Japan and Hong Kong which means they are high quality then later dolls made in China. I found a photo of tag online with has a woodpecker logo, and says the company is from New York.

Dime Store Dolls are small enough to fit in a pocket from 3 to 5 inches. They don’t have moveable arms and legs or at least very seldom do. They are usually molded into one position and they may or may not come with an outfit. A Troll Doll by Russ is a good example of a Dime Store Doll. But I think of Trolls as off in their own category. These dolls were sold in Dime Stores as an impulse purchase. Sometimes they are called novelty dolls, but a novelty doll can be larger than a Dime Store Doll. Barbie Clones are not Dime Store dolls even if they are sold in Dime Stores as impulse purchase because they are too tall. The small dime store doll can be carried around for good luck and easily fit in lunch box or a small pursue. They are also for display or play. But they are not made any longer. However so many were made that there is enough old stock to make them plentiful and easy to buy used. Plastic is harmful to the environment so I can get behind the idea of not make new Dime Store Dolls as Dime Stores also do not exist any longer.

Herman Pecker Doll

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