Angela King


Who was Angela King? Her nick name is listed as Angie which reminds of the song Angie by the Rolling Stones. The name reminds also brings to mind Angela Bowie.  Little is known about her, but I would think that being married to Eric Burdon (Spill the Wine) and leaving him for Jimi Hendrix, and later being murdered would qualify her as worthy of a Wikipedia Entry. She was originally dating Andy Summers who was a guitar player in The Animals which was Burdon’s original band, but always moving up to more famous musicians she moved up to Eric Burdon and then Jimi Hendrix which clearly did not work out as I don’t remember any links between them. The only sources given for Angela King on Wikipedia is an out of print Eric Burdon Biography, and there is no way I am going to pay big bucks to buy an out of print book. If it does not come to Kindle, I probably won’t ever read it.

Someone should write a book just about Angela King and not in terms of her being a footnote in someone else’s life. Steal my idea, and write one! Wikipedia claims she was murdered in 1969 by an ex-boyfriend, which reminded me of how Kiki who was in a relationship with Burroughs was murdered by another older man whom he was seeing when Burroughs went briefly back to the States. I will update this article if I find out anything more about Angie King.

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