Crybaby Video Utopia Video Meaning

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Crybaby Video Utopia Video Meaning as I see it.

I want to get this blog post online even though has to be created on the Block Editor which means I can’t have any hyperlinks posted. I can post clickable links, but it looks unprofessional not to have hyperlinks, so I won’t link to the Wikipedia article “Todd Rundgren’s Utopia” which does not have any information about this video anyway. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia or just Utopia made this video circa 1984 when the album came out which contained the song. The album was called Oblivion which shows Todd Rundgren was in a bad head space at the time.

This is how I see the Video. The older man in the suit outside the dome is indeed the President (as someone suggested on You Tube) of the Utopia who has who is just waking up from being in suspended animation? He could be the manager of the band also as he is middle aged and all the people inside the Dome are younger.

The young members inside the dome look at him with some kind of shock and horror, but also with curiosity as they have never seen an old man before. Inside the Dome no one ages or else at age 30 each person is “recycled” or killed without a guarantee or reincarnation. This is the plot of Logan’s Run, a movie which I have not seen, but I know the basic plot.

They take a vote on what to do about the man outside, but it is up to the leader of the group Todd Rundgren to make the decision.

The man outside could be Todd Rundgren’s Father. He used to be in charge of the group, but now Todd Rundgren is in charge. He has changed a lot, and Todd does not want him to be let in but, for whatever reason is not clear.

The man or the father figure whether a real father or just a symbolic representation of a father was possibly was cruel to Todd as a child as recounted in the song. This is why most people say the video does not make sense. Todd Rundgren is singing to his father who is crying now. I am not going to post the lyrics because one can look those up and it’s easy to understand the words as Todd sings them.

Ellen Foley, the female lead in the video, wants Todd Rundgren to let the old man into the dome, but she does not know the truth. If the dome is opened, they could all die. The risk is too great. However, Ellen Foley continues to press the matter and eventually Todd get so fed up with her that he jumps out of the dome and creates a situation where everyone in the dome will die due to the harsh environment and/or the radiation outside the dome coming inside the dome. Ellen Foley is now crying because they are all going to die and Todd her former lover/boyfriend has committed suicide. It reminds me of Hitler and Eva Braun. After their marriage, it was reported she could not stop crying after her wedding because they were all going to die.

I think the Crybaby Video (Cry to Me) has something to do with Todd Rundgren wanting out of Utopia (Band), but if he leaves, he is telling the band that they will not be successful without him. Besides being a commentary on Environmental Destruction and a domestic tragedy the video is insulting to the rest of Utopia (Band). Therefore, there is not much said about the video from as to what the video was meant to portray. Likely much cocaine was consumed during the planning and it was a better concept in pre production then it actually played out.

If Todd Rundgren ever decides talk about it, I could be shown to be wrong. I read this video was banned on MTV because it would encourage young people to commit suicide. I never did see it played on MTV in the 80’s. I found the song and the video on You Tube many years later. I’m not a huge Todd Rundgren fan, I like his basic stuff like “Hello It’s Me”, but I never listen to deeper tracks.

John Lennon’s killer considered Rundgren to be the Anti John Lennon and he wanted people to know he was not a fan of John Lennon and he liked Todd Rundgren better. It’s chilling stuff. This video certainly shows Rundgren to be the Anti John Lennon because rather than saving people by bring them a Utopia as in the song “Imagine”, he kills them all. However, the date of the song and video shows they postdated John Lennon’s murder in 1980. I don’t know if this was on Todd Rundgren’s mind when he was creating the video that he wanted to be an Anti John Lennon, but it’s possible that CryBaby was an Anti Imagine Song. What do you think? Please post any comments.

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