Flickr is Where Your Photos Go to Die

Today’s rant is about Flickr. Flickr was a great website until Yahoo bought it and ruined it. Then it was bought by Smug Mug. Under Smug Mug it went even more downhill. I decided to open an account and post some photos. I wanted to be able to click and like other photos, but I can’t. Now I can’t even log in. When I try, it goes to a clever page they invented called Bad Panda. I know this sounds like a joke, but is not.

All I wanted to do was log into my merger free account and give a few people a few favorites or likes, but I can’t. I think they deleted all the free accounts. So, just be warned if you have Flickr you won’t get likes or acknowledgement.  Alamy see my past blog will likely suck up your photos and start to sell them. Keep your photos private or mostly private. Photographers who pay for Flickr don’t give a fig about other people’s photos. Casual users are willing to give a like, but artists and photographers are too busy with their own art to care about other people’s art. Its a colony of self-centered people touting their own name and brand. I don’t care and I will never go back to Flickr. I only remember Flickr if I find a photo in a google search that links to it. Otherwise I would never think about it at all. I have some dolls friends on Flickr, but I can see them on Facebook.

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