Looking for the Lost White Rabbit Letter

Monday, April 27, 2020

When Manson was still alive I thought it was dangerous to talk about him, but now that he is gone I feel that we can talk about it.

Back Ground to the White Rabbit story

Nelson (not a real name) thought the Zodiac Killings were orchestrated by Charles Manson from prison, in a similar style to the motivation for killing Sharon Tate. According to the theory, once Manson had Shorty Shea and Gary Hinman killed, it began to prey on his mind. He became worried that his followers would rat him out if they were arrested. He decided they should all go kill more people. Once they had he thought they would never talk. However, Susan Atkins (Sexy Sadie) loved to talk even when no one was asking. She volunteered all her information to another prisoner named Virginia for no reason at all. Maybe she found prison life boring? Shorty Shea was a stunt man who was not short, but tall. The name was a sarcastic. Gary Hinman did not have access to the funds that Manson thought he had. All of Manson’s murders were for stupid and crazy reasons that made no sense.

Although it did not work, the theory was that if even more killings went on that would make Manson out to be innocent and somehow win his release. Clearly the whole theory does not work because more killings did nothing to help Manson’s case. Nelson bought himself a website called the Zodiac Manson Connection dot com in which he wanted to have the evidence to this brought forth. The website is defunct, but I found some traces of it on Archive Today.

But, what I don’t have is an image of the original four page double sided  letter from the White Rabbit or the White Rabbitt with two t’s. This letter which is reported to be mostly in all capitals and filled with obscenities and slanted to the right by people who claim to have seen it. The letter says that has Sandra Good sewed a Zodiac Costume for Bruce Davis. In the letter Larry Melton says he does not want to talk about it, but he would if he felt that something was not done to help get him out of prison.

The early 70’s book The Family by Ed Sanders is reported to be written based on information given by the White Rabbit, but there is little evidence that White Rabbit was even in the family. Some of the people said that the White Rabbit had nothing or little to do with the family, and he certainly was not part of it. He was a faker trying to use the family to gain fame. I found an interview with Larry Melton that was in Swank Magazine posted online, but it sound fake. I can’t be sure that the interview is real as there is no way to get the copy of that magazine. Because Larry Melton (if that is indeed his real name) is a child molester he was in Jail at the time, when he wrote the letter. He also told people he wanted his own family made up of young girls that he could molest. Child molesters will always bring down everyone else around them. If they are free, they will try to convince others to help them obtain more children. The Zodiac costume was reported to have been worn by the killer during the Lake Berryessa Attack. I found an old message board post online that was written by a person who was calling out Larry Melton aka White Rabbit and told him he was unwelcome in the commune called the Ant Farm in Austin Texas. The message has no date but was said to be 14 years ago.

Enter a person called The Colonel who wrote many rebuttals to the calling out often using sock puppets to do so. The Colonel was so angry and jacked up he got his own website, so he could call out many other people who were involved with “following” Manson in some way after his imprisonment. The Colonel has not posted on his website since 2013. The rebuttals could be by the same Colonel who had the website or a different Colonel, but the they tired to blame the person who called out by casting doubt on that person’s character. Saying things like you and the White Rabbit had your moments and you were close to him.

I had this friend who had a website that he bought, and the domain name was something like Zodiac with reference to the Zodiac Killer. I think I told him it was a bad idea, and I disapproved of it in the 90’s. The website was not about the Zodiac Killings, it was just the name of his personal website.

I googled Megan’s Law and looked up Larry Melton and I found him, but this Larry Melton was born in 1967 so he could not have anything to do with Manson.
I am not even sure that Larry Melton is the correct name as another name was suggested as his real name, but that name could also just be a name of someone who someone else had an issue with. If Larry Melton, the White Rabbit is still alive he should be on that Megan’s Law Website. He likely is not alive, and there are too many other Larry Meltons. I found Larry Meltons on Fast People Search from age 60 to 70, I but I think the real White Rabbit would likely be 80 years old by now. I found the whole thing disturbing because the White Rabbit lures children to go into a hole in the ground from the story Alice in Wonderland, but the name White Rabbit could also be a reference to the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit.  Jefferson Airplane/Starship is part of my history, but more on that another time.

Bruce Davis turned himself in December 2, 1970, so if any of the killings took place after that those could not be perpetrated by Bruce Davis. Maybe Nelson’s theory was after that other loyal Manson family members did the rest of the killings? Many different letters were sent to the police by someone claiming to be the Zodiac Killer, but some of them could be fake. I don’t think there is any connection between the Zodiac and the Manson case. Still I want to see that letter. The letter had been listed as being on Nelson’s website, but the actually letter or even the text of the letter was not saved on Archive Today. All the other bloggers gave credit to Nelson for the letter and provided links to the letter which all don’t work now that the site is removed.  I did see copies of other letters written by the White Rabbit on various crime websites, but not “The Letter” which talks about the Zodiac Killings.

So, why did I look at the Megan’s Law website. Someone called “Unknown” posted a defunct link for Larry Melton’s Profile there. Maybe once someone has died they remove the Megan’s Law listing? In this case they can be search for on the Social Security Death Index or on Ancestry or one of other family tree websites.

Updated October 9, 2020

Upon finding a blog posted by Black Rabbit 10 years ago, I have to wonder is the Black Rabbit the same guy who saw Mengele in a sandwich shop? He used to call himself the White Rabbit and there was an Alice in Wonderland theme.  The motivation was to expose the illuminati which can be seen from his alternate blog site.  Being Black Rabbit could also be an offshoot of being White Rabbit similar to 777 was 666. 666 was an agent for evil until he changed and became 777 so his new site became 777 was 666.  Why expose the Illuminati? The motivation for that was to show that they do indeed exist. It is very hard to prove something exists, when it does not. It’s like looking for Bigfoot, everyone has some idea about it, but no one can find even a dead Bigfoot body. And to clear Mengele of charges. While not clearly stated it seemed that the very long explanation which was too long for me to read seemed to suggest that Mengele only acted under the influence of Illuminati. Ultimately he should be not be held personally responsible for all he did.

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Lost White Rabbit Letter

  1. Macy
    2 facts
    1- I am not a child vs molester that is false
    2- I am not dead
    I am vary much alive as for zodiac
    I saw sandy snd Squeaky sawing the xodizz a c costume
    White rabbitt
    The one and only


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