Why not fill out the Census

Friday, April 17, 2020

I am so annoyed by the commercials for the Census which they are running talk about returning to normal from Covid 19 or coronavirus. This is a bait and switch. They are selling the Census under the disguise of parties and friendships. The more I watch the commercials the more determined I became to call the Census Bureau out.

Most of the arguments about Boycotting the Census are about illegal immigrants, but California is giving away money to illegals. An illegal person can collect $500 dollars. I don’t know if this is some kind of trick to later deport them. But cash money could make it worthwhile for them to be counted in the Census.

But, this not my issue of contention with the Census. I would fill out something like two people live in this house, but I don’t like to give names and other personal information. If they really wanted a simple count, they could use something like voting records or medical records or employment records. But this is not about a head count it’s about stealing your private information and making it public in 72 years. Every 72 years all the data is released. The 1940 Census was released in 2012, the 1950 Census will be released in 2022.

A possible benefit of filling out the Census may be attending college for free or at a reduced cost. By all means if you think you can get something free or cheaper like education or health care fill out the Census, but are you OK with everyone knowing with whom you cohabited with after 72 years? What if you lived with a roommate who was later found to be a criminal animal abuser or a child molester? You will be lumped in with him for all history. The Census even shows the neighbors who happened to live by, thus lumping them in with the criminal person. This is how bad things could get. I found a bizarre blog about someone wanting to kill someone’s dog and I saved it on Archive Today.

I did not fill it out last time. People called and knocked on my door and trying to be friend me, because they were getting paid a bonus for every person, they could rope into the Census Scheme.

The so-called Jobs you see for Census Workers are like being door to door salesmen or other religious door to door campaigns. No one would take this job unless they were really desperate. I felt it was moral my right to refuse the Census and to refuse the door to door takers because I do not wish to reward the government for hiring people to harass me. I spoke with one of them at great length and I told her exactly why I was not going to fill it out. She argued with me for about 45 minutes until one of us hung up. She was getting paid to do this with my tax money.

When all the data is released in 72 years there may be some relatives by marriage in your family (whom has been long divorced) will use this data to write an unflattering PDF about your parents and post it publicly on Ancestry for everyone to read. When you call Ancestry to have it taken down, they will say, your dead parents have no rights on Ancestry. Once someone is dead, it’s open season upon their characters, as long as another paying member of Ancestry types it up and posts it, it is a go, no matter what.

Here is an example, so and so dead person lived with another woman named Mary Jones instead of his wife. In 72 years, any person who places you parents in his family tree can write up a PDF and cite the 1940 Census as his “proof” of moral transgression. Although it just makes this person (user name) look bad, he will fail to comprehend the unflattering light it casts upon himself. I know this sounds like an extreme example, but I am not the only one, and it has probably happened to others, so I wrote this blog under a fake name.

When I looked up on the forums of Ancestry to see why the data cannot be removed, I found that someone had a dead parent who had been a child molester. Still Ancestry refused to remove that information. It is hard to complain or report it because Ancestry is closed to the general public and is only available to people who paid money for it and it is quite expensive.

When you call up Ancestry asking for a removal, they will tell you calm down and ask the person to remove it. But if they will not remove it, Ancestry will not attempt to verify if you parent was a child molester, as long as any paying member posts that on Ancestry in a PDF it will be public for any other paying member. The paying members can also be known by user names and give no information about themselves. Only the user name will be known. It may be possible to determine who wrote that PDF from the user name and based on the fact that a credit card is needed to sign up to Ancestry. Usernames are not completely anonymous.

I suggest you consider everything you place on the Census very seriously. Ancestry uses the Census as one of the main ways they get information and they then funnel the data into things they call “hints” which pop up and you are asked to confirm them. In 2022, the data from the 1950 Census will go up on Ancestry and it will come in the form of new hints. Even if you have not joined Ancestry you can view the 1940 results Census here.

Updated: The population of Ukiah was listed as 16 thousand in the 2010 Census. I am sick of people calling Ukiah a rural location on Facebook, Ukiah is not rural America. I will probably fill it out, when I get around to it, and not due to being nagged. I refuse to do more work on the computer for the Census.  Why should help the government when they don’t help me and they only hurt me in the game of life. I got everything I had without the governments help. Crippling taxes have hurt me, as well as the pathetic attempts of three different tax agencies including H and R Block in Ukiah and Liberty Taxes in Ukiah who bungled my taxes so completely, that I was fined $8,000 as a penalty in which I never had a chance to be able to explain or protest in anyway.  So why should I fill out the Census to help the Government who is only trying to hurt me? And who refuses to discuss anything?

April 22, 2020

I am still getting ads for Census Jobs. They don’t mention the risk to being a Census Worker.  They are ads with little videos showing happy smiling people helping other people, but the truth is the people will be those who don’t want to fill out the Census and they will be opposed to phone calls and door to door visits. If they were being real, they would show people screaming at the Census Workers to get off their properties. I managed to avoid it once in 2010, but who knows what 2020 will bring? Should people really be going around possibly spreading Cornavirus door to door? I think we should cancel the Census and install a new system based on just the numbers of people and ages, but not with any indefinably names.  Each time I go to a website like this one, I have to delete the cookies on my computer and also be sure to also delete site settings.

I screen captured this today from an ad on a page

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