Macy Wrote A Book

Macy had a book written


The first part of the book was everything that went wrong in her relationship with Woodleaf. She was trying to manage his career and make his material or artistic output more comprehensible to the general public to increase his online profile in a positive manner.

The second part was everything that was wrong with Woodleaf that needed to be changed. But she realized that he did not want to change. He refused to change. All she could do was echo back at him what he said he wanted.

Such as, “Are you sure you really want to do that?” In a vain hope that he somehow see the light before it was too late. It was already too late.

The third part of the book was Macy doubting that anything could have ever worked out and recriminations about what she could or should have done differently.

The fourth part is where Macy gives up doing anything because the world is going end soon and it just won’t matter. There is no point in going over a Titanic-Like Disaster that was Woodleaf’s career and trying to change the past, which was set in stone forever.

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