The Story of Foursquare

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Original article from 2019

There are many articles I can find online about Foursquare, but they were not written by people who use the app. I can tell they have a bias focus with vague predictions of profitability. Foursquare was going like gang busters in 2014. I had a number of friends who used it and even two members of my family. When Foursquare split the app into two apps, no one wanted to download use the new app called Swarm. Swarm was an extra app, and it had no reason to exist. When people refused Swarm the company decided to remove the check-ins from Foursquare and put them in Swarm forcing everyone to download Swarm. They had tons of helpful user feedback, but the refused to listen to reason. Now I have only two vague acquaintances on my Swarm, and the rest of the people I don’t know. Its not very fun to brag about all the fun places you visited if no one you know can see them. The dropping off of most everyone on Swarm upset me, and for a few years I did not use it. But I decided I liked having a memory of places I had been. For a while I only used it on vacation or only checked in when I went to a special or new place. Then I got the idea that I wanted to be tracked wherever I went, after thinking about all the missing persons cases. If I were to disappear the location tracker would mark the last place I appeared with my phone. Unless one is going to met a drug dealer there is a great benefit to a location app on one’s phone. No need to wait for a court order to open the location history if I drive off a cliff and am stuck there. I have downloaded Foursquare now, but I did not have it for a while and if I have too many apps I delete Foursquare or other less important apps.

I think Foursquare could run more ads. I never see or notice ads very much. As long as they don’t try and charge money for Swarm, I’m in. One can also check in Facebook, but that makes your feed too busy or on Twitter there is also a check in. But who is going to do that? What strangers want to know I just went to Safeway? The Yelp App is so much worse. I had the Yelp App once, but it did not work at all. I always never used Yelp anymore. I don’t want the app on my phone, and they make it very hard to log into Yelp. Most people go to the website to look for things. No one has space or time to deal with so many apps. Most people just keep a few apps that are useful on their phones.

I don’t have Facebook on my phone because it’s too big and invasive. They give out your phone number to people, and I had unwanted phone calls with the Messenger App. I use Facebook at the computer or on iPad. There used to be a button on Messenger that would get pushed and it would say “you just called so and so”, and I am like what? Facebook also now demands a phone number. I used to put in a fake number, but they all want phone verification. I have much more animosity for Facebook then Foursquare, but my friends and family are on Facebook so I am stuck with it.

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