I Hate Febreze

Febreze is the bane of my existence. People spray this stuff all over their homes and all over the stuff they then try to sell on eBay. The smell never comes out. Furthermore, I looked at a list of ingredients from the Febreze and they won’t even give me a list that I can copy and paste. I am seeing ingredients as only a table.  They give you a list of all the things that are not in Febreze, then you have to look down further until you come to the table. They fixed it so you cant copy and paste the ingredients and look them up. This is to further discourage you from actually thinking about these ingredients. If you do get cancer someday, you may never know what caused it. Was it smoking or something else?

What is in Febreze besides perfume?

Didecyldimethylammonium chloride causes cancer and birth defects.

Diethylene glycol according to Wikipedia it causes death if ingestion by causing multiple organ failure. It was placed in imported wine to give a sweet taste. It is also used in anti freeze.

Benzisothiazolinone is a biocide which means it kills things that are alive bio means living things and cide means death. It is used in anti bacteria soaps, but it can kill fish if introduced into the water.

These are serious chemicals so I am not surprised that they must really work. But at what price are people paying to have a house that smells better? Will this lead to health problems or cancer later in life?

Not only that it can be harmful to birds and likely to your other pets. You have heard of the canary in a coal mine? Febreze also admits to being harmful to birds so if you have a pet bird, you should not be using Febreze.  ” It is not recommended to use Febreze around pets with sensitivities to scented products and aerosols, like birds.” Direct quote from the Febreze Website.

I have asthma and allergies and I am allergic to fragrances. I am always looking for clean and unscented products.

But this is the first time I ever heard that you could get high from huffing Febreze. Right on the website in the Frequently Asked Questions they mention huffing Febreze as if they want to dare people to try it.  First of all yet me state, I have never huffed anything. I hate toxic chemical smells. I don’t smoke, and I am afraid of both needles and blood.

Needlessness to say, if vaping is dangerous huffing Febreze has to even more dangerous. When people spray it all over the house and on everything they own they must be inhaling small amounts of Febreze. The commercials show a woman literally spraying it on everything she owns such as her bed blankets and sheets, all of her furniture, and everywhere all over the house. It makes me think of someone who has a lot of cats that pee everywhere or just lives in a low rent apartment that has a mold smell and they are using this toxic product to make themselves feel better. Its easy to spray, but its hard to actually bother to try clean with nature products like vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar and baking soda would remove the smell, but they don’t always work. There is only so much you can do in some situations.

So why the rant? I bought a Sailor Moon doll online from Japan and she has been sprayed in Febreze. The cost to ship back the doll to Japan would be too high, so I started to see if I could fix the issue. I soaked her in vinegar for over 24 hours. I used a lot of baking soda. But, the smell is forever. The chemicals in Febreze bond permanently with the fabric on the dolls clothes and even on the plastic. It is not enough to change the clothes the doll has to be thrown away. I even found Febreze on pieces of wooden furniture sold in thrift stores. I scrubbed the furniture with strong cleaning agents like pine sol and still the smell never comes out. Of course, many harsh cleaning products are also likely harmful if you inhale them or use them to clean. Still why do people want to use Febreze? It has to do with marketing and brainwashing. People get so used to strong fragrances on clothes and items that they want to smell them smell to assure themselves the product is “clean” when it really not necessarily clean. It’s like spraying on perfume rather then showering. I hope this convinces at least some people to stop using Febreze.

One thought on “I Hate Febreze

  1. Thank you for your article. I am going to do further research of the ingredients of Febreeze. I have severe chemical sensitivities, a compromised blood-brain barrier, and a genetic disorder that prevents my body from detoxing very well. My mother-in-law used cat litter with Febreeze for some months, along with turning the ceiling fans on high. The result of the Febreeze cat litter is grit in my eyes, headaches, swollen glands, a backed-up lymphatic system and kidneys, Febreeze coating the interior of my nostrils (I smell it even when away from the house for hours), and every single item in the whole house, from our skin to our food, our papers, books and furniture to our dishes and cookware, our curtains, carpets, walls, ceilings, and electronics, to the insides of drawers, closets and cupboards and everything they contain–everything is coated with fine particulate cat litter dust and a very potent layer of adhering Febreeze. I threw out her cat litter and replaced it with non-scented of the same brand and type, and quietly spent 16-hour days for weeks trying to clean up the Febreeze, cleaning every surface of absolutely everything in the house, throwing many of my things away in the process, and doing tons of laundry. When my mother-in-law promised to not buy any more cat litter with Febreeze, I purchased new household items to replace what I had thrown away. Then I noticed that the progress I was expecting wasn’t happening. Every morning a new layer of Febreeze covered everything. Come to find out, my mother-in-law secretly has been mixing the unscented cat litter with some Febreeze cat litter hat she had hidden away. Deliberate sabotage. My mother in law cannot smell, perhaps due to Covid, and she isn’t using the Febreeze to cover up a bad smell. Sadly, people think that if something is on a store shelf, then it has to be safe.


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