Aliens Witness A Funeral

A poem called “Aliens Witness A Funeral or Listen to the Aliens Laughing”

Poem written 7/13/2019

The Aliens were drifting above the clouds
Sometimes they take a little knife and cut a small hole in the clouds
Large enough to put on one eye out
And look down
They noticed a human funeral

They view all human events with detached amusement
It’s not sad to them, but they are lonely
They want to share with the humans
So they start to communicate telepathically with the humans
They like to share their perspective on human life
They know nothing human can ever hurt them
If the planet blows up, they sail away to another planet
They start to share a little joke with the human man
They laugh quietly at first
Then the human gets the joke
The Aliens are so pleased
They wish to share more jokes
So, they do.

Some enough the man was laughing at jokes
That only the him and the Aliens found funny
Each joke was private joke between him and the Aliens
And the more the Aliens share with the man, the more pleased they become
So, they ask the man if would he would please tell some of the other humans the jokes, so they to can join in the jokes
They like to make humans laugh!

But when he tries to tell other human’s the alien jokes the other human’s don’t understand the jokes
They say, “Oh, that not funny, it’s a funeral.”
The man says “It’s black humor.”

A man works all his life and the death takes everything he ever achieved away from him.
This is funny, but it can’t be explained in a way that humans can find the humor in it.
When man tries to do something and it doesn’t work out
This is funny
We want to explain to you the joke so you can share with us and laugh
And we all laugh together, the Aliens say
You are not alone!
But so few people can see us, and believe we are here
We never interfere with human lives
We only laugh about it

So, the more jokes the Aliens share with him, the happier the man becomes
Soon so many things are funny to him
He laughs all the time
Even when the Psychiatrists Interview him he can’t stop laughing at the jokes
Because each question is hilarious to him
Even though part of him knows he better dummy up
So, the doctors write down “inappropriate laughter” on his chart

He ties to explain the joke to the Doctors:
A man works hard for something in life
Due to a twist of fate and some small oversight the man forgot to notice
Such as the connection between smoking and cancer, the man (Humphrey Bogart) is now dead, his son is left in turmoil.
Everything he worked so hard for is gone
Taken away by his survivors
Look how hard he tried
Yet it was futile
Humans can’t cheat death
What was he thinking
That he could?

All the struggling of mankind is funny to the Aliens
But, tragedy is especially funny to them
They just like to share the joke
They have no malice in the laughing
If you listen carefully, maybe sometimes you can hear them laughing at us.

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