Ketamine Early Pioneers

April 4, 2019

Marcia Moore wrote a book about Ketamine called Journeys Into The Bright World. She married her fourth husband who was an Anesthesiologist. They met in yoga class and bonded over their love of Ketamine. After she married him she wrote her book, which was about using Ketamine to help people gain new insights. I read the book as a PDF online. Its out of print and very expensive. In the book Moore talks about how to use Ketamine, and she says things like people who smoke and drink are against using Ketamine and don’t approve. Most people however, don’t have access to Ketamine like myself, and have never tried it. She went off into the woods and died of the cold, but no one is really what happened. They found her body two years later it had been buried by snow. I read that she liked to take walks, but this is farther then she would normally walk. She had a fear of growing old. She was 50. She thought she was under a hex. Her husband said he went to the movies without her and when he came home she was gone. Did he kill her or did she just die from too much Ketamine, and he put her body out in the snow? Did she commit suicide by walking into the snow? They could not tell how Ketamine was in her system after two years.  I also read she used Ketamine everyday at the rate of 50 mg twice a day, which seems like a lot if you add it up over time. 50 mg is medium dose, but she had a tolerance for Ketamine. So, assuming she had only her normal daily dose of Ketamine did she some how become ill or incapacitated the day she disappeared? I assume she did not leave a note unless her husband destroyed the note. I would think she would want to live to continue her mission of spreading the word about Ketamine. Maybe the book was all she had to say and her story was told? These are all questions that could be considered.

In the book Journeys Into The Bright World she said, she could just stay home and enjoy Ketamine for the rest of her life, but she had a mission to tell people about Ketamine.

The book is not worth paying hundreds of dollars for. Its mildly interesting, but does not give that much useful information about Ketamine. I am sure there are newer books that give more of an idea of what it’s like to take Ketamine.

Some people question why Moore would go for walks on Ketamine which makes it hard to walk or even stand. Walking in the winter in Washington State does not seem like a prudent choice. January 14, 1979 was the day she disappeared. Her husband moved to Detroit after she died. I think he must of loved her, but she was out of control. Some say she was taking more and more Ketamine and hiding the extent of her addiction from friends and family. A very sad story.

Dr. John Lilly thought he could communicate with Dolphins and he lived among Dolphins. Ketamine and LSD showed him that there are aliens who gave him a mission. The aliens wanted him to do certain things. It is not clear what he was supposed to do, but they told him he had to do it right or they would stop helping him. The Aliens had a Organization and it was called Cosmic Coincidence Control Center or CCCC. Coincidence happen and the Aliens controlled them. Metaprogramming means understand all of the other copies of yourself in alternate universes are all just copies including the one you are in right now. Understand you are only in one of the copies in the universes is understanding your Metaprogramming. He also did work with isolation tanks in which you float in water to have a sensory deprivation experience. Technically there could be alternate universes, but trying to understand them all would likely be a mistake. He wrote a number of books, and I am sure they make interesting reading. He did not die of Ketamine, however, but from a heart attack at 86. Ketamine and other psychedelics can show one things that can’t be noticed with ordinary sober perception. It also seems to open the door to believing things that are just false or wrong. John Lilly did his work with Dolphins in the 70s and he even gave them LSD, but nothing could be learned from this.

D.M. Turner drown in a bath tub after taking Ketamine. He was a Psychedelic Researcher who wrote two books.

I also recall about reading about a woman who took Ketamine, and was meeting in a different reality with a man she was in love with. She could not get him to materialize in this reality without Ketamine. The only solution was to overdose and die on Ketamine to ensure they could be together. The man was a hallucination.

It seems that Ketamine can be addictive. Marcia Moore was addicted, but she did not want to admit it and get help. Not everyone comes to a sad ending on Ketamine, but a lot of people do.

Keith Richards explains he always took care not to take too much. He has a self preservation instinct that other drug users lacked. Maybe Keith Richards also had good luck? I don’t know if Keith Richard ever took Ketamine, but he took heroin.

Ketamine can also now be used to treat depression, but it’s very expensive and most insurance does not cover it. The drug is not expensive by itself, but it takes an Anesthesiologist to watch you when you take it. The cost is to pay the Anesthesiologist.  All clinics have different price, but I was heard the cost of treatment was $8000 dollars at one place. This would be for something like 12 weeks of treatment.

I think Ketamine could have helped David Foster Wallace, so people need to have this therapy available. The results however are mixed. It seems to work in the short term, but one has to keep going back for more Ketamine. There should be a way for people to take it without the cost of an Anesthesiologist. Some people say it did not work for them or it made them more depressed. Ketamine is clearly not for everyone, and not for the budget minded. Not that many people can afford to pay for at those rates for the rest of their lives.

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