Woodleaf’s Begonias


Woodleaf had a begonia project that he was trying to grow from seeds. Rather then take the easier option buying bulbs, Woodleaf had some rare North Korean Begonia Seeds mailed to him by a secret North Korean Insider. The project involving buying heating mats, humidity domes and a special expensive temperature controlled seed incubator. He thought that these seeds would be the start of his Fabulous Begonia Project, but he could not get any to germinate. Discouraged he decided to put the project on hold. Finally, he decide that the seeds must be bad seeds and he threw them all away. He could hear their little voice begging for mercy.

What could have come from Woodleaf’s Project if he had not prematurely discarded the seeds

If only he had found this link sooner. If you fancy cultivating your own Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia flowers, there are Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia seeds & bulbs for sale at the flower exhibition that are available for purchase. These also come with a handy guide (in English) on how to correctly cultivate your flowers and make sure they survive and thrive!

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