Cream Chow Chow Puppies for Sale

Cream Chow Chow Puppies for Sale

Read this first before you buy a Chow Chow online Puppy Scam CBS News
Cream Chow Chow Wanted mixed breed acceptable
no black muzzle must look like Lion as seen below
Will pay re-homing fee, but must meet the dog first

lion with cat
Lion loved it when the cat would sit with him

I was looking for a Cream Chow Chow who would be similar to my former dog Lion. Lion lived to be 11 and ½ years old. I wanted to get a dog that looked just like him. But Lion is not a full breed Chow Chow, he was one quarter German Shepard. I encountered a breeder online who had puppies that look like him. I had a chance reason to go to Louisiana where the breeder is located. I wanted to stop by and meet the family and the dogs, and not necessary get a puppy at that time. But this woman tried to hustle me. She kept saying things like there is only one male puppy left and you need to put a deposit on him to hold him. She also insisted I would have to fly to New Orleans, and wait for her to bring the puppy to me at the airport. I thought about it. I said, I would feel more comfortable meeting the dogs and the family, since I will be driving through to Louisiana and will pass right through your town. But she would not accept that and continued to pressure me. There was only one male left, someone else was going to buy him. I said, I don’t want to do an airport pick up, because that would lock me in.

Who would fly to New Orleans to pick up a prepaid for puppy, and then decide not to take him? No one would do that.

I said, breeders allow you to and meet the litter and talk to them first to see the dog is a good fit for you.

What if the puppy does not get along with you?

Today, I say a posting on Craigslist on my local area of Mendocino. I noticed these were the same Chow Chow puppies. Without giving any indication of her area of the country, the badly worded post with very poor grammar, and many question marks set off all kind of alarm bells about people overseas (who don’t speak or write English well) who don’t have puppies, but want you to send them the payment in full which is going to be about $3000, then have to fly to New Orleans or any far away airport, and then they just won’t show up. You will not be able to find them, because they did not give you an address, and if they did, likely that would be a dummy address where there is no house or someone else’s house.

I would like to say, I’m wrong, and these Cream Chow Chows are for real, but I need more proof, and so should you when buying a dog.  Do not just fly to any airports. I don’t have her address, and even if did I would not put it online, but if  she had said, that I could stop by and meet her family of dogs, that would have been enough to convince me. But she did not do that. The only way she said, to get one of these dogs is to meet at an airport, after you prepaid, and my guess is no one would be there, and one would fly home without a dog losing the plane fare and the cost of the puppy. This scam would lose one $4000, and one would not report it to the police as one would be too ashamed. Even if one did report the scam, the police would probably laugh and say, “How many time do we have to tell people never wire anyone money on craigslist. ” If you can’t see the house where they keep the puppies, you don’t know if the dogs are really being family raised or are the kept in a cage in the garage or something? And what if that puppy or kitten has emotional damage, that can not be overcome?

care of chow chow
Here is how Lion looked in the 90s

The same craigslist posting appeared in many different cities that were farther away  and it they said, you must agree to a home inspection and if not, you need to pay a rehoming fee to insure they go to a good home. If you contact this woman, she will say she can’t travel to your far away home, and you will have to pay the fee and pay it quick because other people are adopting them. She won’t have any more puppies in the future or be very unlikely to have any more in the future as she is not really a “breeder” but sometimes has litter. This is done to insist panic in the victim.

“If you don’t send money right now, then the puppies are gone and there will never be anymore.” I asked to see the paperwork of the breeding lines and she said, she would send that in a packet after I had paid the large deposit. The whole experience just screamed scam. Who knows what is coming next, maybe she pretends to have other types of dogs? Maybe she lives overseas in a third world country, and I can never file charges against her. Never send money on craigslist. This the golden rule. Meet that person who are going to hire or buy from first and see the item with your eyes and get all the contact information in case it is a scam. If you have contact information you can report to the police, and have a chance of getting your money back. You also stop them from hurting other people not just financially, but emotionally. There is nothing worse than getting your heart set a puppy or kitten that may not even exist. The post was then flagged and removed by craiglist, but I saved it on archive is.

If she was legit and could not write or spell, maybe should she hire someone to write a professional sounding post for her? At the prices she would stand to make enough profit to cover the cost of an editor.

Super Chow ????? What was all this? You have to read this to believe it.

post saved on archive is

direct URL

Archive is a web capture service that takes a screenshot of the postings, so scammers can’t delete their  postings. It can be looked up and traced back to its source, as long as you can remember the URL of the posting. So when you shop online keep a record of the URL in a document entitled what I was shopping for and the date, such as Cream Chow Chow Puppies today’s date, and the website names and URLs.

And it was flagged because you can’t sell pets on craigslist only a small adoption fee is allowed.

Here are some photos of Lion who died 2004. I only got my camera in 2002, so these pictures are late in Lion’s life. I really love Lion, and I would like a dog just like him. Ideally, he could be part Chow, he need not be fully Chow Chow, but he must look similar to Lion.

Lion was my neighbor’s dog when I lived in San Francisco. I saw him as a puppy, but I could not play with him, but as time went on, they lost interest in him and he was very lonely and they stopped grooming him, and I offered to help with walk him and caring for him. So, they decided they were moving, and they just gave him to me. He was very loving, and he loved hugs. He did not like to walk very far. He had hip Dysplasia.

Lion on the deck in the evening

Here are some amazing facts about Lion. He was one 1/4 German Shepard and 3/4 Chow Chow, but his brother was a red to orange colored dog, and the two other puppies had short coats. Lion was the only dog who looked like a Lion from his litter of puppies. I knew even if I was to breed him, the puppies may not look like him. The chance was random. He would have made a great father. Whenever I took him to the dog park, people would stop and stare, and ask me what kind of dog he was. I got so tired it saying it over and over. Owning Lion was like being famous.

Here is another big red flag. Does the person on Craigslist only want to text you from a phone, but not talk to you on the phone? Do they refuse to email you. They may be using an untraceable burner phone. I hate scams, so I tire kick everything. I may not get that puppy, but at least I don’t get scammed. If they spoke to you, you would see that they can’t speak English. That they can barely write or read it English. Normally one person in the group can handle English, so they give the phone to him because they can’t even read or write English. Maybe they are typing from a script? The whole thing went like that. She seemed not to read anything, I was writing, and just kept repeating the same things from her script.

If she is real, she really should allow people to visit the puppies. I never heard of any breeder who would not do this. I have adopted a two pure breeds a cat and a dog, and my mother I took her to see a cat. The kitten seemed fine, but it turned out she was very nervous and scared of everything and refused to be petted. You should always get to meet the puppies or kittens, and there should be no fees until you get to meet them.  After meeting them, you can pay them cash or whatever, so no one is cheated. Sometimes even if you meet the breeder, it turns out the animal has emotional issues.

Lion loved to go on car rides

I made video of all the footage I could find off Lion, but I don’t have very much. I should have taken more, but I did not think to take more at the time. I didn’t even have a digit camera that shoot video back then. All of the footage is shot on analogy video tape and transferred. There is some footage of Lion in the yard, on a walk, sitting in the car. The quality is poor, but it gives you some idea of how he looked and walked.

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