The Age of the Pussyfoot

I need to get a copy of The Age of the Pussyfoot on Kindle or Ibooks. The book is still out of print and only dusty old copies remain. I got the book from the library and since then it has been my favorite Frederik Pohl book. He started the book in October 1966, and it was published in 1969. But, the book is still not in digital format. I have been waiting since 2013 to get a copy of The Age of the Pussyfoot

Book Review With Spoilers

The main character, Forrester wakes up after being dead for a long time. The time I believe is supposed to be 100 years in the future. He finds the world to be very different. He is attends a party where he meets his love interest. She is a woman with two children and no husband. He wants to love her, and he thinks he has money from the interest that build from his savings. Her makes love to her, but then he realizes that due to inflation he is no longer rich. So, he get different jobs to make money which is called credits, and are all controlled by a smart phone which is called a joy marker. The joy marker let you order anything you want and brings it to at once, but it is too easy to spend all your credits very quickly. If you go broke your Joy Marker (phone) shuts off, and you become a homeless person with no phone. You have to get more money to get your phone turned back on again. He goes homeless for a while, but then he works his way back to being with his girl friend and her children. The story ends with them all attending and encounter group in which they express rage in order to feel better. There is also a Martian, named Heinzlichen whom he has offended, in the most minor way, who is now trying to kill him. It is legal to kill anyone, because everyone can live forever, along as they have enough money. To be fixed up and brought back to life costs money, so only poor people have to die. Heinzlichen follows Forrester around like a comic master villain. Does name Heinzlichen indicted that he is a German Villain? I am not sure just how much of the book is supposed to be comically. It was not billed as being a parody like the Douglas Adams series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but it has many comical aspects to the novel. For example such as the children have no respect for Forrester, and he has to ask the children what should be doing, as he is so out of touch, due to coming back from the past.

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