Notes of a Crocodile


Notes of a Crocodile Book Review with spoilers
Written by Qiu Miaojin
Translated from the Chinese by Bonnie Huie

This translation from Chinese would have been better with a character guide included at the beginning. I could not figure out from the Chinese names which characters were male or female. I read a long passages thinking the narrator was speaking to woman only to find out, when the chapter was almost over, it was a male. This book gave me nightmares. I was not in on the joke that the Crocodile is a lesbian person, until I read the analyses online, after I was done. I skipped the chapters about the Crocodile, as I did not find them cute or interesting. Furthermore, the author kills herself due to depression and a failed relationship and not due to oppression or repression. But, over all not a bad book to read if one gets it free from the library. The book is short and easy to read quickly. I give it three stars. I also include it with my collection of works by authors who have killed themselves. Before the author died she wrote another book, that she left behind for publication after her death which explains that she killed herself due to her girlfriend not loving her anymore. I did not read this book, as I could not get it free, but the Kindle preview explains the whole issue.



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