People Born in 1947 List

Timeline of birthdays 1947

David Bowie January 8
Laura Schlessinger, AKA Dr. Laura January 16
Paula Deen (celebrity chef) January 19
Warren Zevon (Werewolves of London) January 24
Steve Marriott (Singer of the Group The Small Faces) January 30
Farrah Fawcett February 2
Dave Davies (The Kinks) February 3
Dennis DeYoung of Styx February 18
Rupert Holmes of The Piña Colada Song February 24, 1947
Kiki Dee March 6 1947
Carole Bayer Sager March 8
Elton John March 25
Emmylou Harris April 2
Patricia Bennett April 7 member the Chiffons, (Hit Song He’s So Fine)
James Woods April 18
Iggy Pop and David Letterman April 21
Hubert Ann Kelley April 24 Singer with The Hues Corporation
Cathy Smith (killed John Belushi) April 25
Laurie Anderson June 5, 1947 Performance Artist wife of Lou Reed
B. D. Hyman May 1 daughter of Bette Davis
Jay Ferguson May 10 (hits Shake Down Cruise, Thunder Island)
Barbara Lee (May 16, 1947 – May 15, 1992) was a member of girl group the Chiffons.
Ron Wood (the Rolling Stones) June 1
Salman Rushdie June 19
O. J. Simpson July 9
Camilla Parker Bowles July 17
Brian May, musician (Queen) July 19
Carlos Santana July 20
Howard Kaylan July 22 (The Turtles)
Arnold Schwarzenegger July 30
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull August 10
Benjamin Orr The Cars (Hit Song Stay the Night) September 8
Stephen King September 21
Meatloaf September 27
Marc Bolan Singer September 30
October 1 1947 Mariska Veres (Venus Singer)
Sammy Hagar October 13 (Note the number 13 is a Bad Luck Number. Sammy Hagar has killed a lot of animals)
Note My Father was born on August 13.
Rod Temperton (Producer of Heat Wave) October 15
Hillary Clinton October 26
Deidre Hall October 31 1947 on Halloween who plays Marlena Evans Days of our lives
Dave Loggins (Hit Please Come to Boston) November 10
Joe Walsh November 20
Jim Messina (Loggins and Messina ) December 5
Gregg Allman December 8
Ted Danson Actor born December 29
Jeff Lynne December 30 (Electric Light Orchestra)

Did I miss anyone? Please leave a comment with suggestions!

Notable Deaths in 1947

Aleister Crowley dies December 1
Seabiscuit (race horse) May 23, 1933 – May 17, 1947

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