Almost Summer

I found a posting that said:

“One summer in the seventies the Beach Boys performed in San Francisco. An AM radio station called “610 KFRC” played a promotional song by the Beach Boys that was sung to the melody of “Almost Summer”….but with different words, wherein they described various places in the Bay Area, such as Stinson Beach. “

I assume the Beach Boys must have recorded it as part of a publicity tour to promote a series of Summer Concerts.

Lyrics I remember from the KFRC version of It’s Almost Summer

Summer’s gonna be a time for spending a summer day on the green, on starry nights the city lights are never ending lovely California scene. (Day on the Green was a rock concert)

Little Sausalito always looking great. And checking out the scene to see what happening listening to 610. 610 was the number of the station at the time. They promoted the number often because you had to tune your car radio dial to find the station and make it a preset.

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