The Most Important Person Song

I really loved hearing this song when it was on TV in the 70s. We could not tape or save it. So, we had to wait for it to come on Saturday Morning. I had to spend house in front of the TV to see it. I only liked the beginning, I blanked out on everything else, I thought it was a commercial or a public service announcement. It said it was a cartoon 1972 or 1973 when I found it on you tube. It follows some kind of unwatchable cartoon, but I only liked the child actors in the beginning. I didn’t even remember that there was a cartoon after it. I was not like a whole show, it was short and came on in between shows. It did not have a regular time or a name, as far as I know. I was able to look up in the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper the names of the tv shows and when they would be on. They had this quaint thing called the TV program guide page.

lyrics the most important person song

The most important person in the whole wide world is you and you hardly even know you
The most important person in the whole wide world is you come on we’ll show you
It’s all about the things you feel and do, because you’re the most important person in the world to you

Updated: Wikipedia claims that The Kingdom of Could Be You was a spin-off of The Most Important Person.  I am not sure, as they did not seem that related. I was able to watch an episode of Youtube, and so I can confirm, that was one of the shows, I watched just to hear the catchy opening theme and when the program started I lost interest and probably did something else.

4 thoughts on “The Most Important Person Song

  1. I remember this commercial or PSA announcement with great fondness, along with School House Rock. Growing up in a dysfunctional home with domestic violence added, I would sing this song because I believed it was a message to me and my siblings. That no matter what was going on in the adult world, that children was very important, even if we had to remind ourselves.
    – Btrayed Oliver


  2. The 70s were called the Me Generation. There is something to the concept of focusing yourself. I heard the song, but it did not change the way I felt about life or myself. It’s a strange memory that the song even existed!


  3. I remember seeing this and being very confused, because I thought it seemed like they were saying being selfish was OK. It seemed to contradict what I learned in Sunday School, that Jesus is the most important person. I was taught that other people are just as important. I wonder if this kind of indoctrination in narcissism is the reason why people nowadays only think of themselves. Yeah, you have to think of your own needs, but after all, we are all human and we should think of the collective good.


  4. Yes! I used to watch this on Saturday morning cartoons too. I looked it up on YouTube today and was delighted to see the opening again but just like you I couldn’t remember any of those other cartoons. Or their songs! Maybe the repetition of the beginning was enough to remember it but the other songs just didn’t get played enough or maybe they were just forgettable or maybe they went over my head? But I do remember the outro with Hairy coming down the rope and that last singing of the chorus “the most important person”. I really appreciate you transcribing the lyrics because I’ve never been able to figure out what the last line is: it’s all about the things you feel and do . It’s stumped me for 44 years! Now I’m so happy 🙂


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