Song Cut Fa I Can’t Breathe

Money Waters is a rapper from Texas. His unfortunately name can’t be searched because Google turns it into Muddy Water automatically. I had a copy of  the song Cut Fa from The Porch CD. I may have had the CD, but I gave away a lot of CDs.

I thought of the song again later after the George Floyd incident. I may have talked to Money Waters at some point. I don’t know his real name, but he had a My Space in about 2004. The Porch came out in 2003, so I am back dating this post. I wrote to him on My Space or at least it was an account that said it was Money Waters. I asked him what he meant by the name of the song Cut Fa. He wrote back and said it was like Care For. Cut means to cut weed for.

I think he may have asked me what I liked about the song, and I said it was catchy or maybe I liked the chorus of alien voices? I can’t remember very well, as I did not keep notes like I would have done today.  At the end of the song he says I can’t breathe twice. I can’t imagine writing a song called I can’t breathe; it seems too painful to think about.

Someone needs to create a Wikipedia for Money Waters, but the process of creating an article is very difficult and I don’t know enough information like is real name and birthday. The song Cut Fa is a story about a man who is depressed because he can’t get a job and his girlfriend gained weight and now she is seeing other men. You can find it on Apple or Amazon Music. After I wrote this blog and search Money Waters Google got the idea and found Money Waters.

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