AncestryDNA costs 45 dollars a month

First of all, you will need to find your relatives in American that cost $20 dollars per month, but naturally you probably have relatives in other parts of the world, so now you pay 34 dollars a month. Once you agree to pay that much you may as well add 10 more dollars to get the full deluxe package at 44.99, and it may go up, so let us say it costs 45 dollars a month to find your relatives or to look find out if your friends have died using the social security death index, that was free, but they stole it, and sold it back to us. The price is hidden so deeply in the AncestryDNA website, that it took me half an hour to find it. So, I am posting it here for everyone to read, as of Sunday, August 26, 2018, the price of finding your relatives on AncestryDNA is $45 per month, which adds up to $540 dollars per year, and let us say you have to wait 10 years for your relatives to sign up to AncestryDNA. The cost of find your relative is now $5400 dollars for ten years, but what if it takes longer? (Don’t lose your relatives.) What if you never find your relatives? There is no guarantee you will find them, if they never sign up. Maybe with a money back guarantee, it would be more reasonable. If you don’t find your relatives in 10 years you get your money back? I could see maybe five dollars a month or a flat fee to have your name in a database in case your relatives turn up, but this is just too expensive.

So, thank you AncestryDNA for all the people you kept apart from each other with that pricing.  As Burroughs would probably say, relatives will only cause you grief in the end.