For fast reply please use this Gmail link to email me.

Note to other Word Press Bloggers: I won’t be able to follow your blog back if you click either like or follow on my blog. I got emails from WordPress informing me that I should click back and follow back, and when I did those emails lead to malware sites. I have contacted Word Press about the issue and it is unresolved that this time. If you make a comment on my blog, I am able to follow you back or comment on your blog, because the comments so far have not led to any malware sites. But, if you need to urgently get in touch with me my email is right here.

I am not having those notices of who is following or liking emailed to me anymore, and I don’t even know if you have done so. Do not feel hurt or ignored. If you email me at Gmail, I will follow your Word Press blog back at once. I am sorry for this issue.  The issue started when I clicked on the emails and went to the blogs and clicked Follow and Malware began to be installed on my computer. I searched online for a solution, and I found only ways to clean my own site from malware, but not how to STOP what could be real word press users who have been hacked or what could be criminals setting up free word press blogs and installing malware, and likely both. They take a picture from a Facebook account or some other profile photo of a person who looks average and use that as the icon, and then set up a word press blog, and likely that person does not even know they have been used like this. So, I am NOT accusing any who may have followed me of being a hacker. There is no other way to see follows and likes other than email relay. I can only see views, that are completely random in nature, and tell me nothing about who they are or if they are a repeat visitor. I don’t even bother to click this part of the Blog which is called Stats anymore.

I took the majority of the photos on the site myself, but some of them I found on Google Image search. If you see your photo, and want it removed contact me and I will remove it. I only added images to make the blog more interesting. Word Press seems to encourage adding pictures. I made the Eel Gif myself, from footage I shot myself. Please contact me if you want to use one of the photos online. If you take them for personal, use I don’t mind.