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Macy Makes Magic is a fictional story which has nothing to do with the Department Story called Macy’s. Macy Grant is the fictional heroine of the story, and I am using the pen name Lauren McCabe. The meaning of the name Macy is “Enduring” of French word origin.

Lauren is the fictional author of the story. Laurie was Lauren’s nickname in high school which she choose for herself. The entire story is a fantasy or dream that the protagonist Janet, a plain Jane woman, creates in her mind because she is lonely and growing old without the love and emotional support of her husband, who ignores her.  Laurie has had a doll makeover. She is a Fun World Doll.

Laurie Doll
Laurie a Fun World Doll in the 70s she was very fun to be around
Laurie made over with new lip paint

David Woodleaf is main character who creates Internet Hoaxes of a historical nature. His main focus is creating a fiction that Mengele lived in Nueva Germania to upset a group of elderly residents who live on Planet Juniper. This idea came to him after he launched a successful hoax that Kurt Cobain used a Dreamachine to commit suicide.  He can’t play a music instrument, and he sells boxes to people on the internet. The boxes claim to do various things like bring good luck, but they mostly do nothing. The name Woodleaf represents great concern for the environment. Wood combined with Leaf means living in harmony with nature, stopping Climate Change and Saving the Planet. Several of the characters suffer from Environmental Panic. Climate Change and the large amount of plastic that is wasted on a daily basis fills them with so much guilt and depression that they consider suicide to remove their carbon footprints. On the other hand some of them decide to live so they can try convince people to stop using plastic forks and spoons.

David Woodleaf

Macy Grant was formerly a spy code name Agent M who worked for an organization called The Organization.  After she got too old to be a secret agent or spy she became Woodleaf’s Media Rep in order to stop him from making bad public relation decisions and statements that upset the pubic. She tries to talk him out using his Time Machine to go back to Mengele beach death scene by getting him focused on more important ways in history should be changed such as saving JFK. You can read the story from the beginning if you go back to the first chapter or you can read any isolated entry as a stand alone chapter.

Macy Grant
Macy Grant also known as Agent M

This blog is also a Dream Journal. I don’t post all of my dreams, but there are a few select dreams that I have written down that have posted. To find them go to the submenu on the right, and select Dreams from the menu entitled categories. The date of the entry is the date I had the dream.

I merged my 70s blog with Macy Makes Magic and many of the post are about the 70s.

I was born in 1965 and lived in San Francisco, from ages 5 to 15, I got to enjoy the 70s. The greatest decade was the 70s, especially before the first oil crisis, and the gasoline lines. The music was better in the 70s, and the fashions were colorful and bold. You could buy good quality clothing for a reasonable price.

There was NO global warming or climate change, that anyone knew about. I figured as long as we recycled, we were good to go. There was air pollution in Los Angeles, but that had begun to clear up. Punk Rock began in the late 70, and so did Disco which I loved, but I was too young to get into any Disco Dance Club and by the time I was 18 (the youngest possible age in which I could attend a Disco) Disco was completely over and gone.  There were a few non drinking clubs that allowed 18 old people in California the drinking age was 21. Disco ended in 1980 so I was only 15 at the time. Disco and Funk Music has come back in newer forums such as techno dance music and danceable Hip Hop.