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Macy Makes Magic is a general topic blog on WordPress. I may post about any topic, but I lean heavily towards Pop Culture. Many of my posts are about gardening and doll collecting. However more recently I have expanded into book reviews and literary criticism. I kept a dream journal and I posted some of those dreams. I have been writing a fictional story since 2004 and I also have posted some chapters from it. No other authors are allowed on my blog, but others may leave comments. Macy Makes Magic is has nothing to do with the Department Story called Macy’s. Macy Grant is the fictional heroine of the story, and I am using the pen name Lauren McCabe. The meaning of the name Macy is “Enduring” of French word origin.

Lauren is the fictional author of the story. Laurie was Lauren’s nickname in high school which she choose for herself.  After high school Laurie moved to Aspen Colorado and became a successful socialite. She followed in her family footsteps and took to the Law. Unfortunately, there were some criminals who threatened her based on her family’s devotion to obeying the Law. This caused Laurie to go into hiding which is why she is so hard to find. She has blocked these criminals on Facebook. Laurie’s positive attitude and never say die spirit was rewarded with economic wealth and physical radiance, while the criminals became more improvised and less attractive as they aged. They resorted to even bigger and more desperate frauds, scams, and get “rich and famous quick” schemes which were fueled by Meth. Laurie hopes one day they will change their ways. Sufficiently evocative description is indistinguishable from parody.

Laurie Doll
Laurie a Fun World Doll from the 70’s

Laurie made over with new lip paint
Lauren grown up a sophisticated glamorous woman