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Macy Makes Magic is has nothing to do with the Department Story called Macy’s. Macy Grant is the fictional heroine in my story. The meaning of the name Macy is “Enduring” of French word origin. I also use the name Noonlyrice. It means No Only Rice or Rice every day at Noon as in for lunch. I needed a unique users for Instagram and that is how I thought of it. But I have not posted any posted on my Instagram which you can find below.


Macy Makes Magic is a WordPress Blog. I may post about any topic, but I lean heavily towards Pop Culture. Many of my posts are about gardening and doll collecting. However more recently I have expanded into book reviews and literary criticism. This blog started out blog to celebrate the 1970s which is my favorite decade. I take full responsible for anything posted here. It is also copyrighted by me. Do not repost without permission or credit. See contact page to inquire.

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More about me: I wanted to be a writer when I was in high school. I never thought about it but my teachers insisted I had to pick a profession, so I said writer. They told me it would be impossible for me to make it as a writer and I had to choose another profession so I selected office work and I took two years of typing for business. But I proved them wrong and became a writer with the help of the Internet which was completely unknown in 1980 in which I was asked what profession I wanted to choose. Most of the students at my All Girls’ Catholic school wanted to be wives and mothers. I never had children due to fears about Global Warming, but now we call it Climate Change. It was hard to women to find careers other than old standbys like teaching which is low paid. Everything has changed so much and I applaud people who found themselves careers as influencers. Never give up on living your dreams.