Macy Makes Magic is a fictional story which has nothing to do with the Department Story called Macy’s. Macy Grant is the fictional heroine of the story, and I am using the pen name Lauren McCabe. Some of the postings are fictional and some are real. I list each one in either the real or the fiction category. So if you want to read the story from the beginning you have to read it backwards starting at the lowest or first blog entry. If you have been following the story, you can check at the top for the newest updates to the story.  The meaning of the name Macy is “Enduring” of French word origin.  See the contact page for all of any questions or comments.

Laurie was her nickname in high school. Lauren is the fictional author of the story. The entire story is a fantasy or dream that the protagonist Janet, a plain Jane woman, creates in her mind because she is lonely and growing old without the love and emotional support of her husband, who ignores her. The story is not written by Janet, but by Laurie who dreams she could look as pretty as Macy, but does not look as unattractive as the Janet Character who is chronically depressed. Laurie has had a doll makeover with nearly repainted lips.


David Woodleaf main character, who is a guru of sorts. The problem is all of his friends and followers commit suicide just to get away from his insanity.  The name Woodleaf represents great concern for the environment. Wood combined with Leaf means, in the story, plant based living and organic harmony with nature, stopping Climate Change and saving the planet.

I collect Dolls and I sometimes use them to represent the characters.

But if you want to see a real photo of me, it’s the site icon photo profile.

This blog is also doubles as a Dream Journal. I don’t post all of my Dreams, but there are a few dreams that I have written down that have posted. To find them go to the submenu on the right, and select Dreams from the menu entitled categories.

When I merged my 70s blog with Macy Makes Magic, they saved the about me from the 70s blog, so I am adding this about me to the about me page.

I was born in 1965 and lived in San Francisco, from ages 5 to 15, I got to enjoy the 70s. The greatest decade was the 70s, especially before the first oil crisis, and the gasoline lines. The music was better in the 70s, and the fashions were colorful and bold. You could buy good quality clothing for a reasonable price.

There was NO global warming or climate change, that anyone knew about. I figured as long as we recycled, we were good to go. Sure there was air pollution in Los Angeles, but that began to clear up. Punk Rock began in the late 70, and so did Disco which I loved, but I was too young to get into any Disco Dance Club and by the time I was 18, the youngest possible age, Disco was completely over and gone.