Jefferson City Doll Club

June 14, 2022
I moved to Missouri last year in the fall. I hated to leave my doll friends at the Dolls and Divas Club so I started a Facebook Group called Jefferson City Fashion Dolls. I was not able to get any local people to join the group, but there a few people in the group from other places. It was going to be a group for local people, but since that did not work, the group is just anyone anywhere in the world who wants to post a doll photo. I like creative photos, but there is a limit on just how far to push the boundaries (no bad taste photos). The Club is for all kind of dolls not just Fashion Dolls, but it’s different from the St. Louis Doll Club because they do dolls that are older than 1960 (Pre-Barbie or Pre-fashion dolls). Maybe I should have called it the Modern Dolls of Jefferson City? I would like to do a monthly doll giveaway. Maybe I should list the give away dolls on Facebook Marketplace? I posted a number of doll photos and if you want to check out the group you can find it here Jefferson City Doll Club.

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