Upcoming Article on The Prisoner


I am working on an article about the 1960s TV Show The Prisoner. After reading that Patrick McGoohan was interested in becoming a priest, I wonder if the series could be seen not in terms of a man resigning from his job as a Secret Agent, but a man who begins to lose his faith in God, due to scientific advancement. John Drake is in the process of being an atheist he undergoes an unpleasant transformation that makes the world seem darker and more hostile. London becomes The Village. Women and men constantly betray him. The man who follows him into the house is an undertaker driving a hearse. Maybe he died and Village is where non believers are taken? Maybe he is killed by his bosses at the Secret Service instead of retired, but he does not know he is dead. Maybe the only way out of the Village is death. Maybe Rover is his fear of death? In the end he realizes that it only his doubting God that has put him in the Village and all he has to do is believe again and he can go back to old life. But he is unable to take that leap of faith, and therefore remains in the Village forever. Looking at The Opening there is a scene in with Patrick McGoohan is on the beach yelling at the sky instead at Number 2. I assumed Number 6 knows Number 2 can hear him anywhere due to cameras and mics being everywhere. But what if he is yelling at God for not being real or for refusing to help humanity with Divine Intervention or even to show himself to people by sending signals and messages beyond Jesus. It has been long time since Jesus appeared and we need more reassurance of the existence of God. But, this view is kind of depressing and I don’t think it will be popular with most people. I find evidence every now and then. In the episode in “Free For All” Number Six answered all the questions “no comment” expect for the one about “how do you feel about life and death” to which he says “none of your business.” I rewatched the episode I decide to focus on that statement. Maybe The Prisoner is about religion but McGoohan does not want to share his views on religion with people for fear of bringing them down or causing them to lose faith which would be a disservice and cause those people have worse lives with more angst?

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