Yahoo Mail Plus


Yahoo Plus Mail was a paid mail service that was ad free but it has been removed and replace with a limited ad mail service. I am NOT able to get the five dollar a month ad free mail. I signed up for it earlier, but Yahoo removed the option and put me on the $3.49 plan again without any notification. The New Look Yahoo Mail is terrible and it costs $3.49 a month. I don’t want any of the features they have such as fake emails and domain blocking. I only want ad free mail. I tired to fix and change it, but I was told I could call a number. The phone call wasted an hour of my time, but did not get me the five dollar or the $49 dollars a year which I would have paid for if I had the option. I don’t want to pay for ads. If I have to have ads I will not pay anything to Yahoo at all.

The Wikipedia article as of today 1/10/2022 still says Yahoo has an ad free mail option. It may be because Yahoo says (under terms and conditions) “not available in all areas”. Maybe my area is not allowed, but I don’t care what kind of games or tricks Yahoo is playing. If Yahoo offers ad free mail they need to offer it anyone who will pay for it and stop this nonsense. Clearly Yahoo thinks they can make more money from ads then from paid subscriptions but one can stop this at the ground level. Never ever buy things from ads you see online. If you do it will only encourage companies to run even more ads. I make a point of ignoring ads and never clicking on them.

Yahoo is now owned by Verizon which I also have as a cell phone company. They are always trying to cheat me constantly by jacking up my bill and changing my plan details. So I am not surprised that Verizon did this. The problem lies within Verizon itself which is the most lying cheating company that ever existed. It’s even worse then Xfinity Comcast. I liked the Yahoo Calendar. The Calendar has no app however and is hard to access on a phone. So will have to use Gmail in the future which did not have a calendar that I liked or even a mailbox I can work with very well. Gmail has too many options and technical issues and is needlessly complicated. I would have rather stayed with Yahoo. I even have free Microsoft Outlook, but I never used it because its too hard to set up and is not needed unless one is a big company that is managing high volumes of emails or using email for business reasons. I don’t need my own mail server. I’m not Hillary Clinton. Most people use Facebook or Twitter to talk to me and not email at all.

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