LinkedIn Violates Privacy


LinkedIn changed my private profile to public without my consent. I believe this change occurred in April 2021 from the research I have done online. I had information on the profile because I thought it was set to private. Now I had removed as much information as possible and set the profile to private, but I know it can be changed at anytime to public. I use Facebook if someone wants to contact me not LinkedIn. I want to warn you of this privacy danger. Read the details that follow.

This is a modified version of the feedback I sent to LinkedIn when I hibernated my profile. That was the only way I could contact them.

Dear LinkedIn I thought my account was private but since I did not log in for years, I noticed you made all my information public. You send way too many emails for to allow any emails from you to come to my box at all. I blocked them all and (or) send them to spam. So when you decided to make my profile public, I had no idea. Likely you send some email called “terms and conditions” that I would not have read anyway.  I will not reward you for this behavior by going public with my data so you can profit.

 If I was paying for a subscription to Linkedin you would have kept it private. I spent a long time trying to find a way to contact you and complaint, and there no way I can do so unless I become a premium member and that means I pay you money.  Support and help on Linkedin is also for those who pay money to Linkedin.

So after I sent the feedback I thought about LinkedIn and I had more to say.

Do you remember the endorse so and so for skills? You sent thousands of emails for me to nominate people (whom I didn’t even know) for various skills which I had no idea if the did or not. I had to click on them all so as not offend anyone and pretend I knew they had skills. This was about the time I realized how totally fake and unprofessional LinkedIn had become. This was before Microsoft bought Linkedin, but that was the point in which Linkedin jumped the shark. If Linkedin wants to succeed they are going to have to become a lot more professional. After all Linkedin is supposed to be about being serious and responsible professionals.

Anyone can go on LinkedIn upload a fake resume and fake skills. These skills are then endorsed by strangers. LinkedIn is a refuge for con artists and scammers. I happen to know several scammers who have profiles with fake information on LinkedIn. One of them is trying to trick people into joining a white supremacy group he runs while he poses as an artist. It is your extremely laziness that allows these people to exist on LinkedIn. You need to start weeding out fake accounts. LinkedIn is fake people posting lies about themselves to other liars. If one is successful they don’t use LinkedIn because it marks one as being foolish, unaware and maybe dead broke and desperate for work.

Updated: I reached out on Twitter to Linkedin because I had hibernate my profile when I found I could not delete it. I went back several months later to unhibernate my profile and update it, but I found they had deleted it. They could not get it back or find it. I made another profile and its not very much of an issue. Hibernating a profile is a scam that Linkedin (owned by Microsoft) came up with so they can retain your information even if you want to delete your profile. Deleting a profile was not allowed by Linkedin at the time I choose hibernation in 2021. I don’t know what their current policy is because I don’t use Linkedin and I don’t like to look at Linkedin. Just be warned once you create a Linkedin profile you may not be able to delete and you may find your information on a Google Search. Linkedin will not help you get a job and it will bring you in contact with many different scams. If people contact you they will be trying to get to buy something like an online subscription. If anyone ever got a job from Linkedin I would like to hear about your experience. You can leave a comment below.

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