American Air Scam


You may have heard about American Air is connected to the Spirit Airlines meld down, but I am not sure about exactly how they are related. USA Today wrote the article (which I have linked to above) on how to get money back. It is my understanding if American Air cancels your flight you only get credit for another flight. You can see how this is problematic to say the least.

American Airlines is running a scam. I booked a flight that I had to cancel, and I was charged an extra $84.04 cents to my credit card the day after booking. I have called American Air many times and they refuse to explain the meaning of this charge. My credit card company refused to allow me to protest it over some confusion about the nature of the charges. I have put that credit card company on notice and I have applied for a new credit card elsewhere. As soon as my trip is over I will cancel this credit card. I have all the electronic details saved and documented and I can be contacted at Macy.grant at

Details as follows: I was charged an unauthorized $86.04 fee on 7/13 after I paid for a flight on 7/12 ticket number 0012187477051. After I booked another make up flight I was given it back only as a trip credit, but I believe the entire $86.04 fee on 7/13 is a mistake. I called American Air many times and they refuse to tell me the reason for this charge or to do anything about it. I have a theory that the $86.04 could be the luggage charges which I paid in advance which was not necessary but I was foolishly responding to the online prompts. I am going to fly the make up trip without a bag just to make sure they never get any more of my money. If it was a bag charge, I was not allowed to apply it to the the new trip I booked to Miami. In spite of them the agent verbally telling me I could do that. The next agent disagreed. It appears if you pay for bags or extra leg room or any other extras you are not allowed to connect that to a make up flight. That money is lost forever. They will give you maybe credit toward taking another flight which they hope will exceed the cost of your first flight and make them ever more money. This is the scam.

Watch your credit card statement very carefully if you book American Air. I reached out to American Air on Twitter but I am not sure if that account is a real one. It is only some kind of publicity stunt account which tries to AmericanAir to make them appear to be a nice company that supports Olympic athletes, but does not address any issues with what is going on at American Airlines in terms of customer service.

The best way to punish crooked companies is to stop spending any money on them. Just a few minutes ago American Air had the audacity send me an email to ask me to upgrade to a higher tier of money spending on the so called “Avantage Account” which I only created to try and petition to get my money back. I don’t fly enough to ever get miles or free trips and I am not going to start now. Even if I did I would be sure it was with another airline. Right now is not a good time to do air travel. Mileage clubs are also scams that encourage you to take flights with many stops to get more miles racks up to then use on other flights. But I doubt it really ever saves you any money unless you are a business traveler or a jetsetter. I have never been able to use so called “miles” to travel ever.

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