Ebay Bank Account


I have not given Ebay access to my bank account yet. I am not allowed to sell anything on Ebay at this point because of that. I wanted to wait and see how trustworthy ebay was. When I see dolls Facebook is a better place for finding good buyers. However, Facebook Marketplace now also demands access to your bank account. It is better to find someone on Facebook bypassing the Market Place. I placed an item on the Market Place once that was too heavy to mail hoping to find a local buyer. I did not find one because Market Place does not have much audience reach. Facebook began to nag me about lowering my price often. I did not agree to lower the price and I soon removed the item due to Facebook’s nagging. I assume Facebook takes a cut when you sell on Market Place? Ebay is very hostile to sellers. I found this posted to Ebay forums.

I have been selling for a long time, and now…for the first time…i have a buyer who wants their money back.  She is claiming that the item was not as described, however, she is lying.  Perhaps she had buyer’s remorse or it didn’t fit, etc.  What can be done to protect sellers in this situation?  She said it had pet hair all over it, when I have never owned an animal in my life.

I agreed to give her a refund of item and her original shipping costs, but she wants me to pay for the postage of her return!!  I won’t do that, I will then be losing money on the whole transaction, not getting back to even.  And, what if she does not ship my item back to me?  I want the item back as I know I can easily resell it.

I feel like eBay is all about the buyer’s and does not protect sellers.  Why can’t sellers leave negative feedback?  I get non-payers all the time and can’t leave negative feedback.”

I read if you have a no return policy Ebay will simply refund the buyer and allow them to keep your item. I always allow returns when I sell. Large volume sellers don’t care about the small change they may lose on some of the transactions, so I guess they don’t mind. What to keep a buyer from finding some “hidden defect” in every item they buy and invoking the full refund policy and thereby getting free items?

Ebay has gotten very difficult and stressful so now I would rather find other ways to sell items. The amount of time, energy and stress it takes to sell on Ebay is not worth small amounts of profit that one may make after the large sellers fees are removed from your transaction. That means more items will be donated to Goodwill instead of sold on Ebay. I may sell on Ebay again someday, but after so many discouraging experiences maybe will I never sell on Ebay again? The Ebay has jumped the shark and there are other sites such as Mercari and Let It Go, but I have not tried them out yet.

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