Macy Seeks A Friend

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It had been many years since Macy had a best girl friend. She decided she wanted one and the best way to do would be to post a personal ad as follows:

Best Girl Friend Wanted

“Attention Deficit Disorder Woman (inattentive type) with learning disabilities seeks woman of similar age and body size for best friend. I love Doctor Grande and we need to discuss him. I have a high openness to new experiences, but not sexual ones. I am exciting seeking, but at the same time shy and self conscious with new people. Therefore a best friend is needed to do interesting activities. These things will simulate the low dopamine in my brain and make my life fun again. I desire to do shared activities and artistic pursuits with my best friend. We will travel on day trips and find new places and adventures, including but not limited to museums, festivals, shopping, restaurants, and concerts. You should be interesting and entertaining without having any criminal tendencies. Liars and Narcissists not welcome.”

Macy posted this ad on Craigslist, but strangely it got no replies. ☹

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