Arvest Mortgage Complaint

May 24, 2021
Arvest Mortgage gave me 6 month off from paying my mortgage and now that the 6 months has passed, they changed their mind and they want all the money for the past 6 months right now. I have a copy of the letter they sent me demanding payment. As I am unable to come to resolution with Arvest and they refuse to honor the covid relief program, I am going post all the information publicly to warn other people. My loan has almost all the interest paid off. Arvest bought my loan a short time ago, but now they want me to restructure the loan with them so I can pay them more interest. If I refuse they are demanding I pay all the money right now. I know my rights and I will fight for them. I will update this situation from time to time as it progress. Arvest is a greedy company that is owned by the Walton Family, but not Walmart. The Walton Family I would think has enough money without scamming me. Help with complaints against Arvest call The Consumer Protection at the HUD 1-800-569-4287 and report them to the FTC

Update 1: May 26, 2021 The Covid Relief Program was the reason why I took the 6 months off of paying the loan. I had a tenant move out under Covid and I could not get the house rented again to not being allowed to have anyone come in and tour. The money was supposed to be moved to the back of the loan without extra interest. But instead Arvest (AKA Avarice) went on a campaign of sending me letters that were two faced. The letters said if you already decided what you want to do ignore this letter. Since I had already decided and I thought it was a done deal I ignored them. But when they sent me a registered letter, I decided to call them and tell them again what had already been agreed. I found out it was not a done deal. In fact they invented new rules that say I have to get documentation that only they can mail me and fill it out in order to get what was supposed to me mine. None of this was explained in the letters. They are trying to make me look like I am ignoring their letters so they can start to take actions against me. This was the reason for the crafty letters that told me to ignore them. But as you can see I am on to them. I will continue to posted dated updates of this situation. Today Arvest send me an secure email to my secure email that only said they have to further research the matter. Later, the message I send them was bounced back to my email. They can’t read it because their secure system is faulty or maybe they just want to pretend that I am ignoring them? This way they can claim I was at fault the deadline had passed. So now I am going to make sure my protest is forever saved on Archive Today in case I have to use it as proof I was paying attention, but I am (so far) denied my legal rights.

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