Manson’s Women

May 4, 2021
Manson had so many girls in his cult that one needs lists to keep track of them. This video from gives a quick introduction to them. It’s difficult to figure out why any of them would have been desperate enough to hang out with Manson. But, they all had troubled backgrounds. This is not an excuse for them, but it makes sense. Hanging with Manson is the ultimate way to enraged your “uptight” parents who love you and don’t want to go to prison for life.

The video provides an introduction to each one.

Mary Brunner | 0:13

Susan Atkins | 1:32

Leslie Van Houten | 2:25

Patricia Krenwinkel | 3:37

Linda Kasabian | 5:03

Catherine Share | 6:04

Ruth Ann Moorehouse | 7:38

Dianne Lake | 8:37

Sandra Good | 9:48

Squeaky Fromme  | 11:00

Star Burton | 11:56

And the complementary article can be found here which gives you the text of the video.

I have been studying Manson’s Women off on for a long time. But I still don’t really know all the names and details by heart. I focused on the ones I found the most interesting. Squeaky Fromme was the most beautiful one and she never killed or hurt people. She pulled out a gun on President Gerald Ford, but it was not loaded. Squeaky Fromme may be also somewhat loyal to Manson. I think when she pulled the gun on Ford she thought she would impress Manson. All she got for her efforts for 34 years in prison and that made it even harder for her to be in touch with Manson. Once she got out in 2009 she wanted to keep a low profile because people constantly want to harass her or interview her.

 Susan Atkins a former topless dancer is also really interesting. I wrote a blog post that covered some of her life details here. She married a lawyer in prison and he kept a website to help her obtain release, but she died of cancer in prison in 2009. The website had glamour shots and tried to bring out all of Susan’s good qualities. See the post I wrote for more information on this topic.

Leslie Van Houten was a former homecoming princess and seems like she is a nice person who life got ruined by Manson. Leslie Van Houten should possibly be released from prison because she has suffered a lot and she was not even present on the night of the Sharon Tate killing. But people get confused when she comes up for parole. Sharon Tate’s sister does not want her released although she was not involved in the killing. People don’t like to consider the details of the Sharon Tate killing because they are so disturbing.  It’s easier to just say keep everyone involved with Manson in prison forever rather than considering each case individually.

Sandra Good still remains loyal to Manson and refuses to admit meeting him and joining his cult was a bad idea. Maybe it’s because she has been saying it for so long she wants to double down on the idea? I wonder if a long prison sentence would have changed her mind?

Star Burton is much younger and she was not the original family. She wanted to marry Manson, but he got wind of the idea that she wanted to display his body after his death with the help of a man who was guiding her. Therefore Manson did not marry her. This is not to say that she was planning to do that in reality but that was the rumor. Manson’s body was given to his biological son who had a funeral and scattered his ashes.

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