Pay Pal holds Money

As a doll seller and doll buyer I have to warn everyone about what Pay Pal is doing. They are placing illegal holds on seller’s money. I sold an iPhone on Ebay. I used the shipping label that I was assigned and I had to pay for it out my own money. Once the package was scanned I got an email that told me I had used a fake tracking number, and my fund would be placed on a hold. I had used the number they assigned me. Clearly this bald faced lie was scam to keep my money for 21 days. I am convinced they are hanging on the money in some kind of Bernie Madoff type scam. They then take your money and use it to pay off other people whose money they illegally held. They can’t pay everyone in a fair time frame because they use your money to pay other money back. Then the cycle repeats. If they paid all the money at a fair time they would likely be bankrupted due to what could be poor investments. I am fighting for everyone. I see the big picture. I see myself as a Man of the People. When one person is hurt by big corporations we all are. Its not just my money I am want back, I want to help others. Still no money as of today 12/16/220. More than 21 days have passed since the sale of the item. I believe from my research Paypal may be going out of business, filing for bankruptcy and never return the money. I tried to close my account in protest but I am not allowed to close it. I tired to remove the credit card and I was not allowed to remove it. I can always cancel that particular card and get a new one with a new number.

proof of delivery
Proof of delivery
21 days
Claim Track Number provided by them is fake
Postage purchased from official site automatic tracking number receipt for shipping paid in full
real details for sale date 1/26/2021
can not remove card
Can not remove my credit card or close my account

This screen capture is filled with so many lies it is almost impossible to make any sense out of it. I was a big time ebay seller, but until the deadbeat doll buyer incident. If no longer am a big time seller, it is Ebay’s fault for ruining that. That does not give them any right to hold my money. The words causal seller vs. big time seller are all their own creations. Most doll sellers buy dolls and they sell dolls to buy other dolls. They need the money right away to pay for those dolls and not become deadbeat doll buyers. On Facebook you will be able to meet doll people who understand that dolls are not just items sold for money. When Paypal holds money they are able to loan it out to cover their debts. Paypal has financial issues, but it’s not my problem. I have not sold anything on Ebay since and I may never do it again.

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