PCloud Folders Sync Issue

January 24, 2021

I am using PCloud. had an issue in which the files would not sync. Unlike Dropbox if you use the import on your phone, as a lazy way to get a photo from your phone into the backup cloud, there is a big issue. The photos will not sync to your desktop, but they will stay in the cloud. The photos are not lost. You can download and then add them to your desktop. However, the indicator signs indicted that the folders still were out of sync, although I spend hours try to fix and readjust. I don’t mind even losing a few unimportant photos, but I did not have to lose any. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it seems to work perfectly now. But, I did not get any help for this issue. The main thing is to understand your cloud back up may not mirror your desktop. If you search for a file it may exist only in the cloud. I keep all my files local and most of them are in a separate drive.

At least PCloud does not have the same infantile cartoon camel found on Dropbox and the messy interface which is clustered by constantly bring out more way to “share” instead of way to keep your files save backed up and private they way you want them. I am not using any of the other backups that come to your like Greeks bearing gifts. I am talking about GDrive and One Drive. These services want to back you up for free but its just a scam to make you run out of space and cause you to buy space later on. I have One Drive Back Up for free for buying 365 Microsoft just for Microsoft Word. I hate Outlook. But I don’t trust them with my back ups. My backup are bigger then just a few docs and a few photos. I like to save almost everything I can in the cloud. These may work, but I found them to be lacking.

GDrive took so long to upload my files. It took three solid days. I could not use the computer for three days and then it failed at some point causing me to have to start again. At which point I gave up. You can not visit your files, they are stored away similar to the iCloud Drive from Apple. I want to be able to alter my files on the desktop similar to Dropbox. I have experimented with all of these services. One Drive puts a label on my word files that says this file is dangerous, it came from the internet, are you sure you want to open it? Which is beyond stupid because they are my own files. One Drive still does this as of 2020. iCloud stores your files similar to having them backed up once and then you have to do it again. Its not a mirror image of your computer the way Dropbox worked. Once you used to instant automatic backups you can’t go back to a more primitive back up.

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