Project Gutenberg is illegal

January 23, 2020

Project Gutenberg used to have old books that were free. It was a good way to read out of print older classics. But lately it changed into this so called self publishing project. What they want is for you to upload a book yourself and therefore shift the blame for breaking a copyright upon yourself. Now it’s more like sharing. You are the one who could be sued if things go wrong. They are protected because they will claim that you uploaded the book and not them. While they make the profit, if there is any to be had. One never knows if non profits make a profit because they pay themselves for work and time. Even if they don’t make a profit on Project Gutenberg, I would not be involved in uploading a book to them. I noticed books such as Winnie the Pooh which are still in copyright Lovecraft had no children to profit from his writings and so the copyright lapsed, and all Lovecraft writing is free. A.A. Milne obliviously had a son. I suggest NOT creating an account on Gutenberg because that means any activities you do if it is downloading book or copying them which are illegal can be traced back to you. Even if you used fake names and addresses it can be traced back to your internet service provider. Its just not a smart thing to do.

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