Companies I Hate

January 1, 2020

These are companies that have tried cheat me, and otherwise abuse me by exposing my online ID and real name online. But they will soon find out the error of their ways. I never forget an insult. The first company on the list is:

Hawaiian Airlines (ruined my Honeymoon in 1989) The plane was broken and we had to wait for over 24 hours at SFO because they only had one plane. Can you believe it? A major airline has only one plane? Later after social media tired to offer me a slightly discount on another ticket to Hawaii, but do you think I would fly on an airline like that again? Their solution was for me to buy more tickets and spend more money with them.

Google Nest tricked me into buying a Nest without revealing the owned Nest. They likely expose my real ID to all the Nazis who hate me online. Google Plus became the biggest Nazi place online and none of that was deleted for years. Having deleted it now does not excuse Google Plus. Nazis can control my heat and cooling systems. (Joke) All I asked them for was a way my online identity does not have to tied into my thermostat, this was apparently too much to hope for. I called them and they were like what do you want? I said “I want my money back that I spend on Nest and also for the service call to install Nest.” If I entered into a contract with Google without knowing that it was Google this would be the only fair solution. So to off set this I set up several different Google Accounts each one functioning as a separate person. It possible to have multiple Google accounts, but Google still knows I own each one. But hypothetically one could create an account just for Nest and not use it for email or for website logins. I now have four or five Etsy accounts which I can’t merge. Each time I look at certain websites they try to log me in with a different ID. Accounts are created automatically by Google. The only advantage is I can give thumbs down to videos I don’t like on Youtube multiple times. So I can’t subscribe to the New York Times or any other online newspaper or magazine because of this. Each time I go there, I am logged in automatically to the wrong account, one that does not have the subscription. I would click log out over and over, but before I could log with the correct account, I was auto logged in to an incorrect account. Not that I would bother or care that much, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Go Daddy (CEO kills Elephants)

United Airlines Baggage Checkers stole my ticket and resold it to someone else on a sold out flight. United refused to let me fly, later refunded the money but I still hate them forever ruining my trip.

Chase Bank (stole 100’s of dollars from me in an “error”) refused to refund money,  told me to wait for the refund for two weeks, then told me the time for asking for refunds had expired, so they got to keep my money. I hate them so much, that I refuse to have anything more to do with them in terms of the are the lowest bank. Only people with very bad credit use them, and a Chase Credit Card is a humiliation to have.

Comcast Xfinity is has so many times abused me for their own profit that is not even possible to list or even remember each outrage.

Dave’s Garden It’s too late to hate Dave’s Garden because he sold it some big online company in 2010. However, I hate original Dave for stealing my photos and refusing to give them back to me. For insulting me and for making Dave’s Garden a website pay only website. Dave’s Garden is now just a trap website. One clicks on it and finds out they have no information about the plant you are looking for and cookies are sent to your computer so Dave’s Garden can track your online movements and sell that information to other companies. Just delete all your cookies everyday (like I do) to stop it.

Paypal and eBay These two are owned by each other. They sided with a doll buyer who refused to pay for his dolls when I had them on a Buy It Now. I had them on Buy It Now which means my selling price is lower just to avoid deadbeat buyers. Ebay changed the rules on Buy It Now so people who are too broke to buy dolls, can buy dolls and pay for them later. That means good people who have money will not be able to have my dolls. Insisted it was my fault and charged me almost 10 dollars for a sale that was never made. If someone can’t pay for my dolls now, they are too broke to provide my dolls with good homes and will soon likely be evicted and my dolls will end up in a trash can. That is completely unacceptable. Keeps all my money inside a Paypal account which then I can only use for buying more junk on ebay instead of being able to use to do things like pay my bills. There is a way to get money out, but they want me to open up Paypal credit cards and debit cards to do things like that. Updated: I sold an old iphone, it should have simply I shipped the same day it sold, but they held my money for over a month. They created a new rule that said that they can hold your money for over a month if you don’t make at least one sale every 90 days. Now I used Facebook Marketplace to sell dolls.

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