Reflection on live performances

October 23, 2020
Due to Covid which is no longer a temporary situation, the government seeks to ban all live music and theatricals performance. Live Performance become only online. This will create a great decline in the number of entertainers in the field. Only a few groups are popular enough to support large online viewing parties. How will the players receive payment from admissions other than asking for fee to watch online? There is already too much to watch online and no incentive to go out and see any live performances which involve a social element.

Why would people go to see a band that they don’t like or never heard of? The reason would be to social with old friends and meet new friends. Removing the social element destroys that motivation. Why would I pay to log and see a band when I can see any number of famous bands for free on Youtube or on other platforms? The social element is no longer present. It is likely bands will have to find other ways to make money. If they are able to survive until the post covid world comes, we could see a re-emerging nightlife scene. I plan to go and party if they reopen up fun again. Fun has been cancelled for adults and even children will not have the fun of trick or treating this Halloween. Halloween has also been cancelled. Thank you King Gavin Newsom for keeping us so very safe.

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