Mama June Instagram Cameo

10/17/2020 Saturday 1:30pm

What is going on with Mama June right now? I only recently watched the entire last season of Mama June From Hot to Not. I was interested in how she was doing. I may have seen something and now I having fallen down the rabbit hole. I went to her social media pages and I saw videos and photos. The latest Instagram video has no sound. I tried to troubleshoot my sound. The rest of the videos have sound. I think Instagram muted the sound. What is she saying. Now I really want to know. Moreover what is wrong with her face? Why is doing these videos without any makeup? The videos don’t give any indication. I listened to some of the Cameo videos she made and she is reading a speech. I figured maybe I could send her manager Gina, (if Gina is still working with her) a message and Gina would call her and straighten her out. What are you doing June Shannon? The profile photos has makeup and looks fine, but these videos are very strange. I can’t message Gina because she turned off her comments. I suppose no one will care if I tweet her at @MzGinaRodriguez or even read the tweet. So I thought I would post this blog on how I spend my Saturday afternoon looking for answers but finding none.

Later on: So after looking further I decided Instagram mutes her audio only on the videos in which she mentions Cameo. The ones in which she does not mention Cameo are not muted. This is unfair.

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