Word Press Block Editor Sucks


Updated: So I have accepted the Block Editor, but the worst part was having to go each past post and change it to the Block Editor from Classic. I found many issues. The default size of photos is set at thumbnail. I don’t know what they mean by “thumbnail”, but I changed most of my photos to medium size. Photos need to be small, as this is not Flickr. Photos only serve to illustrate an example and are not the entire post such as on Tumblr. I think a thumbnail size should be small, but its not on this Block Editor. I had to change the text under images from Grey to Black and align all the photos to the left. This takes hours and I am still not finished with the process. I am trying to look on brightside This is a good time for Word Press Bloggers to go back and look at older posts and make some changes or delete some posts that are no longer relevant. This is very time consuming.

Original Post Losing the Classic Editor

August 2020

 I had a post ready to go, but the Block Editor on Word Press is malfunctioning. I am not able to use the Classic Editor any longer because the option is removed.

Limited Text Editing Menu

I am posting a hyperlink to an article that is outdated, but has a lot of interesting dirt on The Gutenberg Editor.

Apparently people who use Word Press to create Websites on Word Press because its easier then more complicated software such as Dreamweaver, bought plugins and used them to create the website look they wanted. Now they are angry about wasted money and time. Most Word Press Website are given away by the large background photos. It’s very difficult to create a Word Press Website that looks professional. But some people have done it. My suggest would be to have a separate blogging platform for people who want just a blog. I don’t like a big photo or a big background at the top of my blog. I had to go out and find a plain white background and upload it. I made this change just a few weeks ago, because I did not like the way the blog looked on the opening page.

The figure below show what Word Press Tech support told me to do to change the color of hyperlinks. It changes the color to a static code red which is not what I wanted.

this solution suggest by word press tech support only changes the color of all the text in a block to red

But, don’t take my word for it. @deencoded wrote here on WordPress.Org that a brain dead hamster would have made a better editor. If you want to read his original post you can click here, its not a hyperlink but you can see it. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/absolute-trash-2/

 If they have deleted his post it will live forever here on Achieve Today and you can view it here when you click on this link shown here. http://archive.today/w8v83

Here is the actual text reposted in case you don’t want to look at the links.

“A needless change that mangles the way millions of long-term publishers have been managing websites for years. Harder to use than the Classic Editor and far, far more difficult to customize and manage content. A brain-dead hamster would know better than make Gutenberg the default.

At least give me a box in settings to enable the classic editor. That’s the least of what should be done. The most that WP team can do? Take Gutenberg out and shoot it and then feed it to the sharks and never mention it again.”

I am complying hyperlinks to other Bloggers who dislike the Block Editor. When I searched for the Block Editor I found nothing about glowing posts of praise that had me spitting nails. So, I searched for “Word Press Block Editor” Sucks and I found a number of like minded bloggers such as this one.
According to the blog cited approve one of the main issues is security for the website. Another Blogger said pay your security team chief extra to be on retainer.

Updated: August 22, 2020 After many hours of work I was able to get a code to make the hyperlinks behave properly and add it to the entire blog under the Design tab, hit Customize and a new page opens to show “Additional CSS”. Once that is opened delete what you see there and paste the code you want inside the box. It has changed the links on even older posts to the proper colors. I did not have to use any plugins. I did not object to them in theory, but I don’t need a Business Plan Word Press site. I did upgrade to the Premium Plan instead of the Personal Plan. If I not was posting any hyperlinks and I had just something online like a novel I wrote, I would not have upgraded. I don’t see any difference otherwise. The Personal Plan was great in the past until Gutenberg became mandatory. The takeaway is Word Press got more money out of me because of Gutenberg is unable to do basic tasks without supplementary codes. I will share this code if asked to be helpful.

I just found a post made by Word Press that tires to convince people that the Classic Block is the same as the The Classic Editor. The post was published on August 13, 2020. Bad things always happen on the 13th. Fun Fact: Trump declared Covid an emergency on March 13, 2020.

August 26, 2020 Today I found another Word Press Blogger who does not like The Block Editor. The comments on her blog came to the same conclusion. Having a website and dealing with code errors is too much work. We are bloggers, writers and poets who want a blogging site with an easy stable interface and a chance to share our writing with our peers or promote our books or articles. We don’t want to spend time focusing on tech issues. We would rather get back to writing. To this end I am looking for a new Blogging platform but it will take a lot of time to research and test it out to see if I find it acceptable.

I did not like the Google Blogger platform because it did not show up in Google. I had a post about a fern called Woodward Orientalis and so did another Blogger who had paid Google Blog. Every time I searched for Woodward Orientalis, Google only showed her post. I went back over 10 pages. I was so angry I did not want upgrade my Free Google Blog to Paid just see if my post would make it into Google. Since I changed to Word Press paid, (it was more reasonably priced when I started) I was able to find my posts on subjects like Woodward Orientalis quickly and with what I considered to be a reason amount of Google visibility. Oddly that other Woodward Orientalis Blog is now removed from Google Search or so very low on the results no one will ever find it. Maybe Google trashed all their blogs when they purged away Google Plus?

What other options are out there? I noticed a site called Square Space which looks easy to set up. The cost is reasonable at $12 a month for just a blog without things like shopping carts and emails. There is a 14 day trail, but that will not enough time for me to determine Google visibility. I would need about 3 month time to determine if I getting the correct amount of visibility. I am not willing to set up an entire blog on a mere 14 day trail, so I would have pay for a few months and see how it goes. How to get more Google Visibility on Square Space is discussed. The takeaway is the correct key words are needed. I know this is true, as I did a large number of tests. If your post does not show up think about the keywords someone would look up and add them to the body of the post, not just to the tags. Test out every few days by searching for your blog post.

Medium I would never consider Medium because I don’t like the interface. Medium has a policy of nagging to log in (similar to the New York Times) even if you just want to read a blog. I don’t want people being nagged just because they came to my blog. I want them to read the blog without annoyance.

Ghost Is a possibly that I considered, but the price is high just even to get started. Again, as with any new online venture I will have to consider how the Google Ranking worked out before committing.

Major considerations for an online blog
1. Google Visibility (no will ever find your blog without it)
2. Easy to use Interface, no bugs or errors, no time wasted in management of codes, clean appearance without distractions
3. Price is the last consideration. I want a low price just like any other middle class person, but price is a lower determining factor in my decision then the other two considerations

I just have to add this final update. I am giving up trying to hold Word Press accountable because either they no idea how code and they never even made a hyperlink with the New Block Editor (formerly known as Gutenberg because they changed the name to Block Editor) and don’t know how to do so or they never bothered to check the default color of Hyperlinks. Right now the Hyperlink default color is Grey the same as the default image caption text.

This is selected from a lengthy correspondence from Word Press from the dates from August 22 to August 30.

Me: I don’t like the Block Editor. Why are the links Grey by default? The Block Editor cannot show visited links, unvisited or mouse over color changes. I am concerned that people will not know that the links are really links. The default link color is Grey which makes it hard to see.

WP: The past editing experience was depreciated in favor of the latest development, modern editing experience, and future-proofing the blogging or content creation process. The last editor experience you are used is no longer maintained, and hence you cannot switch back to the Classic Editor.

Me: If you wanted me to like the Block Editor you would not have made the links Grey by default.

WP: I don’t know what you are talking about. Our Links are not Grey, please explain what you mean about the links being Grey.

Me: The answer is a resounding NO! I had to pay for someone to write a code for my hyperlinks which costed me double the money that was paying to you before. I have never been so upset or insulted. Your laughable inquiries are like a mocking. You know very well Word Press wrote bad code into the block editor to force me to upgrade. I refuse to discuss this any further. Do not reply because I will delete it unopened.

Sept. 1, 2020
I found a new Burroughs Article. I was really excited to find that there was Hotel in Palm Springs devoted to Burroughs called The Beat. The article has to have been written on Word Press because I noticed the links are Grey. My hyperlinks are no longer Grey thanks to code I was able to purchase. It was not completely impossible to the see the Hyperlink, but I had to look around for a bit. There is one at the bottom of the page. It says click to read more about the Hotel.

The Read hyperlink as a screen capture

It takes a while to find the Hyperlinks now on Word Press, but its not impossible. The Hyperlink is he word “Read”. Here is the follow up article from the Link about Steve Lowe with the hyperlink also in Grey at the bottom of the page. Even older blog post hyperlinks became Grey, but Macy Makes Magic (my Blog) has been spared that fate. Steve Lowe died in 2007 from heart failure and the hotel was replaced with a house.

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