Persistent Cookies

Updated 12/13/2020

It has been much harder to deleted cookies everyday because sites like Facebook have become harder to log into again. I used to use the Google Chrome Password Manager to get myself signed back into My Facebook and My Twitter. Today the Google Password Saver is acting up and I have to enter all of my password manually.

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Persistent Cookies need to be explained because I am seeing incorrect definitions for them online. These cookies stay with your computer even when you cleared out your cookies.  You have to click on settings, privacy and there are different controls depending on your browser to remove cookies. I like to start everyday with a fresh clean computer by clearing out the Cookies once a day. If you select clear cookies when the browser is closed, you will have to log back into your sites such as Facebook again and again. The compromise solution is to clear them once every day or every few days.

Persistent cookies are hidden in place called site settings. Here is how to clear them out. Be sure you have checked “remove site settings” when you delete your cookies.

site settings

When Facebook wants to “click your picture” to log in that is a Persistent Cookie. You have logged out but if you click a picture to sign in, that means something is sent to your computer to track and identify you which stays in your computer permanently unless you reset your computer back to factory setting. Some Persistent Cookie may not be able to removed by merely clicking site settings removal and my require a factory reset of your computer.

I don’t log into every site that I have an account at everyday. I only log in when I need to log in. This lowers the amount and number of Cookies on my computer, but just signing into my google account creates a large number of third party cookies. You can look and check and see just how many cookies appear after signing into various websites. Once you look you will be horrified. Still at the end of the day, I am deleting them all. So only the sites that I used daily are able to track my online actions. If a website fails to provide me with interest, I won’t be logging into it. I also turn off and block all notifications that come to me from sites like Twitter and Facebook. Notifications are a trick to make you log back in order to send you Cookies. Once you remove all notifications your life will be so much better and happier. Twitter for example sends notifications for no reason at all. Even if no one sent you a message or mentioned fake notifications are sent which have nothing to do with anyone you are interacting with. If you don’t buy anything from ads that follow you around you can help to fight the plague of useless goods and services. Since Twitter does not charge money they need some way to make money and cookies are the medium for the point of sale. Twitter makes no money from the things you buy, but they are selling your data to other companies that make things like the fat suit, which I discussed in an earlier post.

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