Zoom Privacy

I did not know this but Evite appeared to have my name wrong and trying to change it lead me to explore the options and profiles. I found Evite sucked up my contacts under the long defunct email that I joined under. I have changed my email many times since then, but I shocked to find people who I no longer associate with listed as connected to me and also people who had passed away since the must have joined in the early 2000’s. So, to continue with my theme of online privacy. I found a very good and helpful person whom I support on Patreon who pointed out that once you join Zoom they will suck up all your contacts and you could be associated with people whom you are not really associated with. Maybe you wrote to them once about buying something on Craigslist and now Zoom and many other companies like Evite will suck up your contacts. Have you ever noticed how when you join a new site, they want to sync your contacts? They also do things like send spam to those contacts such as so and so has joined Linked in. That is why I deleted my Linked in Profile. In order to join Zoom which everyone “has to do” you need to check your contacts first and delete any undesirable ones or better yet create dummy email accounts. These accounts are not ones you are going to use for anything else and don’t have email contacts. Linked in is one of the worse offenders in the Privacy Wars. I will never forget the insane endorsement of skills they had a few years back. They would suggest and were forced to click that you endorsed this or that person for this or that skill. If you did not, you would risk upsetting the other person, so everyone just clicked yes and yes. Does so and so know how to drive a car, or how to use spread sheets? How would I know or care what a person does? Linked in is just a scam to do things like suck up your contacts and create a profile on you. Each time you log into Linked in, they send you new cookies and they read what website you visit. They then sell this to other companies or even use third party cookies. Third Party Cookies could be from any company that you never heard of.  Suddenly all of these companies can see and know everything about you. Even if you yourself use the top most private way to use the internet which is to use a Vin and Tor is suggested, but I not used one myself, because everything I do is honest. These services do cost some money and will slow down your internet. You also have to talk to your friends whom you email and get them to also use privacy, or you will not have privacy yourself. Think of the contacts who maybe did not want to have anything to do with me, who got sucked into Evite for 20 years. It a volition of their privacy as well as mine.

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