Nefarious Chinese Ebay Seller

Monday, April 13, 2020

I developed a theory about my Nefarious Chinese Ebay Seller. I, like many others, was shopping for Covid 19 supplies. I set the Ebay Parameters to USA Seller Only. I found just what I needed, and it said located in California. The seller found some way to make it look like the package was coming from South San Francisco, but it was never put on a truck. After watching it not coming, I left negative feedback after I noticed the seller was located in China. After this I got all kind of messages from the seller telling me I had to remove my negative feedback. I told them feedback cannot removed. I did get a refund, but I have to wonder what were thinking? What kind of feedback did they think they were going to get when it was never sent? Did they think I would not notice it had never arrived? Did they think I would be dead from Covid 19 and never notice it never arrived? I told them if they were legit, I would drive to South San Francisco and personally pick it up, and then remove the feedback, but they could not do that. Clearly, they have a scammer working here in the Bay Area to create dummy shipping labels to make it appear the packages are on their way. I am kind of person that would wake from my deathbed to say, “I want my stuff or my refund.” Ebay will not remove them because they are big sellers. So, they are likely still in business. And they should know that feedback can not be just changed or removed on Ebay. You have to petition Ebay to do so. The process can take up to a month, and then Ebay will render a decision. Even if it had been coming from China, the time it would take to arrive in the USA would be able four months. Likely by then the coronavirus would be over. Therefore, buying Coronavirus supplies from China is totally self-defeating. I bought one item once from China a small scissors that never arrived. I wrote to them and they said, it’s just not coming, it was probably seized in customs. But it could be it was never sent. And by then it’s too late to appeal to ebay for a refund. That scissors was only 99 cents so I really can’t complain. There is probably a whole racket out there to NOT send things to stupid rich Americans who they think will not even remember they ordered something, or maybe will have even perished before the items arrive.

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