Google and Apple Covid 19

Sunday, April 12, 2020

There has been talk about Google and Apple creating a spyware tracking app, but the big surprise is it may not be an app. An app is voluntarily installed, but they want it to be part of the operating system on new phone. This is just another way Apple and Google are using the Coronavirus to take away all of our online privacy.

If you click here on the NPR link it explains that they are starting by adding their developers/coders to create the app, but in the future, it will be built into the phone. I don’t one will be able to turn it off or on. But it hardly matters, because privacy is so far gone it’s like trying to turn back the hand of time to fix the situation.

Each phone will send out a signal that is kept and stored by other phones. Even if you put your phone in the microwave and blow it up. The data used to convict you on drug buying charges will come from someone else’s phone whom you happened to walk near at the time in which you were buying drugs.

So, you know when you go to buy drugs you will not take your phone. You also know that if you are killed in the drug deal gone bad, they will never find your body due to not you having your phone with you at the time in which they shot you. You will be one of the people who just disappeared. I can write this only because I am not afraid since I never go anywhere bad or do anything bad.


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